Advice to writers: Sometimes you just have to stop writing. Even before you begin. – Lec

October 22, 2008

I hope that everyone realizes that I write this blog just for fun… I don’t take it too seriously.  I started it because I was constantly being asked what was going on over the weekend, could I recommend anything, where are the good places to go to eat, etc…  Finally, I had decided (along with some friends egging me on) that as I seem to be a vast warehouse of information of where to go and what to do (as well as being a frustrated writer with a complicated life that I just love to put out there for everyone to read about),  blogging was a great way for me to get that information out there.  It’s free, it’s the Wild West of writing, and I have a great time doing it. However, this thing just keeps growing and growing, more and more people are reading it, and I’m getting a ton of emails every week to put on here.  If I don’t list your event, I apologize; sometimes this can be a bit much to keep up with–BUT DON’T STOP SENDING THEM!!!!  I’ll keep doing my best to get all of your events out there.  And just wait til I figure out how to get this new platform to do all the things I want it to do–woohoo!

Do a little dance…

This weekend…the Bellport Songwriter Series is featuring Hank Stone…talk about a great show!  $5 at the door.

Acoustic Strings n’ Things at Mills Pond House every Wednesday but the first…FREE!

This sounds great and it’s FREE!  I’m again taking the liberty of cutting and pasting, this time from the Port Washington Library’s website:  26 SUNDAY–FOURTH ANNUAL CELEBRATION OF LONG ISLAND TALENT: Join John Platt, host WFUV’s Sunday Morning Breakfast, for an afternoon of homegrown talent featuring Caroline Doctorow, Johnny Cuomo, Lois Morton, Joe Iadanza and the Homegrown String Band — Georgianne and Rick Jackofsky and their daughters, Erica and Annalee. 2 p.m.

Bryan Lee will be at Bobbique in Patchogue on the 26th…order your tickets online and they’re only $15…they’ll be $20 at the door!

WoodSongs, the acclaimed folk music series, will be featuring Jakob Dylan and Minton Sparks, with Steve Robinson.  Order your tickets online…$12 gets you in the door!

Cathy Kreger and What It Iz at Elijah Churchill’s this weekend…Don’t miss great music AND great food all in one place!

Josh Charles with Ramshackle, Last Licks Cafe, $15 general admission.

While I’m on the topic…did you know Long Island has a guitar museum?  Admission is FREE!

The days of wine and roses…

A couple of cheap wine picks…my galpal Sandy always has this great wine on hand.  We had a cheap wine tasting party a few weeks ago and this was the clear winner…La Francesca  2005 Pinot Noir  Provincia Di Pavia Italy. (Orange color label and twist off cap).   She said she gets it for around $4 somewhere on the North Shore.

One of my favorite places to go on a Saturday is Mora’s Wine and Spirit Shop in Setauket.  Cute place, free wine tasting and noshie things, and wonderful picks make this a go-to spot for any wine lover!

All for now…this is two posts for the price of one (check the archives!).  Keep checking back for new add ons and updates, and don’t forget the new email!


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