Thought: Why does man kill? He kills for food. And not only food: frequently there must be a beverage. — Allen

October 23, 2008

FINALLY…it’s starting to feel like Autumn!  I actually have a night at home with the furbabies to write, with a glass of (cheap) wine and a (fake) fire going in my (electric) fireplace.  This to me is the best time of year…a time to walk in the woods, have a hot caramel apple cider, and put on the flannel footie pajamas to crawl into a bed stacked high with fluffy blankets.  The smell of a (real) wood fire can be detected most nights, soup is a MUST, and hot, homestyle meals are something to look forward to on weekends!  And that thought brings me to…

Food of the Gods

Woohoo!  It’s here!  The third annual Long Island Restaurant Week is back with more great restaurants than ever!  Make sure you check each restaurant’s website for details, and MAKE RESERVATIONS!  Open Table is an online service that lets you make reservations with a few keystokes and mouse clicks…I swear by it!

For those of you not into dressing for dinner, well, I have a place for you!  I know I try to stay away from chains, but Buffalo Wild Wings has a myriad of sauces from mild to wild…plan it right and you can eat well for under $30!  My pick?  The buffalo ranch wrap…yummy!

It’s a great time of year for something that will stick to your bones…just real comfort food, if you know what I mean.  My honey has been hankering for sauerbraten since we got back from Oktoberfest a few weeks ago.  Karl Ehmer’s has it–to go–for about $22!

Looking for a wine hearty enough to stand up to steak, stew, and beef barley soup?  I found a great one and at $9.99 a bottle, it won’t break the bank (however, Hemingway, my bind cat who is a bit of a lush knocked over my wine glass and broke that!)…Protocolo (Italian, 2006) has a spicy nose, good legs, and I taste hints of black currant, licorice, and something leafy…not really sure.  Medium finish.  (Hey, the doctor told me I am supposed to drink one glass of red wine a day for my heart.  I’m just following the doctor’s orders!)  I found it at Houdek’s in Bayport…sign up for the mailing list for updates and coupons, as well as their picks…you can’t go wrong!

Prefer a nice microbrew?  The Brick House Brewery has a wonderful Pumpkin Spice that they serve in a glass with the rim dipped in lemon juice, cinnamon, and sugar.  Miss Chris looks forward to grabbing one of these with her salad really soon!

Black and blues

Well, yes, that would be me after tripping twice in the past week over my steam cleaner cord (hey, I like to keep a clean house!), but what I want to tell you about is my friend Jay’s (not that Jay) band, Smoking Gun!  Yes, they do covers, but the singer, what a voice!  They will be at the Brick (mentioned above) on Wednesday, the 29th.  Click on their link (it should be on the side of the blog) and check them out!  (Hey, Jay, you’re more tech savvy than me…no podcast?  What’s up with that?)

The University Cafe at Stony Brook will be hosting an Open Mic on October 29th!  Check them out…a very cool venue…

The Long Island Traditional Music Association will be hosting an open jam house concert, all are invited…bring a refreshment!

Did I mention in an earlier post that the Bellport Songwriter Series is featuring Hank Stone next up?  $5 gets you in the door!

I have an art on for you…

OK, naughty double entendre aside, there’s some great shows going on. Trying to impress the new flame?  How about an art gallery and then a great conversation over some coffee or tea?  (I’ll list coffee houses and tea rooms in a few minutes.)  The Huntington Arts Council has “InnerSpace” and “Truth”, Tulla Booth is featuring a favorites show, and fotofoto gallery is featuring the works of Seth Kalmowitz (this looks really good!).

Tea for two…

I love to meet up with friends for coffee.  Especially if you can sit outside and wrap your hands around a good cup of joe or tea and get a nice warm feeling while your face is feeling the nip in the air, the wind is tossing your hair a bit, and you can people watch (it’s so much fun to watch people!  You never know what you will see, and strange things happen when I’m around!).  Yes, Starbucks is nice, but I prefer places with a much more personal touch…places like Cool Beanz, Robinson’s Tea Room, Tiger Lily Cafe, Milk and Sugar, Pisces Cafe, and Urban Coffee in Huntington.  Many of these places have fireplaces and live music, check out the website before you go!

All for now…don’t forget to check the archives for other recent posts, and if VodPod is up and running, check out some of the performers I mention here!

Have an event that should be here?  Let me know at !


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