Well,  it’s time for me to start posting events for the upcoming holiday week events, and there’s a lot going on!  Read on, my friends, to find out where to go, what to see, and where to be seen for the upcoming week!

Rock and roll hoochie coo…

This one is a little over Cheap Date guidelines, but is a great show worth mentioning!  Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and Mary Lamont will be at University Cafe on November 30.  Advance tickets are $18, $23 at the door, but this is a show you should not miss!

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s John McEuen will be at Stephen Talkhouse on November 29th, $15 at the door.

Hydroyum will be at Bobbique this Wednesday…they’re young, but good. I’ve seen them at Live in the Lobby and had to get the cd! 

Wine me, dine me…

I look for any way I can to save money, and one of those ways is by signing up for mailing lists.  It’s great as you often get in on deals that those not on the lists, well, don’t.  Case in point-Houdek’s (you all must know by now it’s my go to place for wine) just sent me an email promoting the new Fat Bastard Grand Reserve NV (retail $16.99 a bottle) for $4.99 a bottle (for email list members only, must have coupon to get this deal).  Their wines are French, the name is hilarious, and for the price you can’t go wrong!  I’ll let you know how it is after I crack open the case I’m planning to buy! (I hope it’s not sold out when I get there!)

For me, it’s rather easy to be cheesy, but to go with my case of grape juice, I’m going to have to pick up some cheese of the dairy variety.  Click here to find a listing of local cheese shops and online vendors. 

Maybe you’d prefer a sweeter pairing…like chocolate.  Sweet Gourmet is a cute little shop that I do some of my Christmas shopping in every year.

And… as this is Thanksgiving week…I’m going to let you in on a hearty turkey and sausage soup recipe that is just the best for a cold weekend afternoon, when you are hanging around the house in your sweatpants (or footie pajamas)…now you know what to do with the leftovers! 

Poetry corner

Poetry isn’t just for high school English students and literature majors.  Slam poetry is a thriving underground movement here on the Island that is picking up steam.  Poetry jams are popping up an a fairly frequent basis these days…and this weekend Northport Arts Coalition presents Poets-in-Port , hosted by Steven Schmidt. Featured poet is Barbara Reiher-Meyers, at Caffé Portofino (on North side of Main Street, across from the Post Office) in the village of Northport. Open mike follows.

It’s movie date night…

One of the movies on my short list that I want to go see is The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas…it will be playing at Cinema Arts starting this Wednesday, $9 gets you in.

One of the things I miss is the old fashioned movie houses that I grew up with…ones with parking lots where you could park within three miles of the building, stand in a fancy lobby that didn’t look like it was some mass produced plastic, glass and metal corral that was designed to herd us like cattle to the movie of our choice, and pay less than $15 like you do at the multiplex.  Granted, the selection may be limited and the seats not as comfy, but it’s my first choice if I’m going to see a movie!  Sayville Theatre in (you guessed it) Sayville still holds to the old fashioned way of running a theatre.  It’s small, intimate, and has a lot of history. 


With the sketchy economy, it’s time for us to take care of our own to ensure that the local mom and pops don’t go out of business.  Readers of this blog will know that I am a big supporter of the smaller, lesser known venues that provide personal service and unusual offerings.  As I was waiting at the hairdresser attending to my strawberry tresses this weekend, I grabbed the Long Island Press (one of my faves) and started reading about the newest movement gaining a head of steam: KIOLI–Keep It On Long Island.  This site lists local businesses and lots of other info in the hopes of keeping us all buying on our Main Streets and stimulating the local economy.  Count me in folks, I’m right there with you!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Patchogue Village hosts their Christmas parade this weekend…Saturday, 6PM, Main Street.  Lots of men in kilts, ladies!  (I still wonder if they are sporting skivvies under those things…though the photo my galpal sent me of one of the bagpipe players who got caught in a breeze says otherwise!)

The Holtsville Ecology Site starts their annual Brite Nites show this week.  My suggestion?  Grab some hot cocoa, crank the car heater, and head on down…$12 per carload, and if you click here you can download a $2 off coupon!

This coming weekend also brings us the Festival of Trees…the trees are professionally decorated and there is a gingerbread village.  Click here for more info and MTA discount coupons.

Montauk Lighthouse will be hosting their Christmas at the Lighthouse event…$8 gets you in.

Port Jeff has their Santa Claus Parade and tree lighting this Saturday!

Fire Island hosts their Tree Trimming Event Saturday, November 29, 10-3PM. FREE! Bring a handmade ornament relating to the sea, nature or the Lighthouse to hang on the Keepers Quarters tree.  Also, this weekend, Holiday Hikes at the Wilderness Center Friday, November 28, 9AM-Noon.

The Long Island Museum in Stony Brook has their Holiday Festival going on thru this weekend, $8 to get in.

All for now, you kooky cats!  Have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!  If you can think of something that should be here, feel free to email me at cheapdateli@gmail.com!

Patchogue Boat Parade Pics”




Quick and dirty….

November 21, 2008

Just a couple of last minute items…

The Patchogue Christmas Boat Parade is happening this Sunday, 6PM.  The Fire Island Ferry Terminal is undergoing construction, so there will be less parking and less room than in years past, so be prepared to get there EARLY if you want a good spot!

The Bellport Songwriters Series is also this Sunday at 7PM and features Miles to Dayton in their last gig for a while…don’t miss it!

 Sunday, November 23, 2008 –  9 a.m.  Autumn Migration Bird Walk at William Floyd Estate (meet at service entrance, 20 Washington Avenue, Mastic Beach 11951)  631-399-2030 for more information.

Check the previous posts for links and more info!  Chat soon, you kooky cats!

Miss Chris

The holidays are closing in on us fast…next week is Thanksgiving, and already Christmas celebrations are upon us!  There are some great, incredible in fact, things to do coming up to get us all into the spirit without breaking the bank!

Rock the boat…

In a previous post, I had mentioned Patchogue’s famous Holiday Boat Parade (and I had to start this post with the Simpsons quote as the whole holiday/Christmas boat parade argument just kills me!  Can’t we all just get along?).  This is one of the coolest things you will ever see!  Myriads of boats decked out in lights and their festive best cruise up and down the Patchogue River.  Some even have performers on them putting on a heck of a show.  The best part about this event is that it’s FREE!  Grab some hot chocolate and get yourself down to the Fire Island Ferry Terminal…bring a lawn chair and get there EARLY!!!!  This Sunday, the 23rd, at 6PM.  Don’t miss it!  If you’re up to impressing someone special, try to get reservations at The Oar, The Harbor Crab, or the Off-Key Tikki…all are located on the river and will provide you with a stellar view of the festivities!  It will be over the $30 Cheap Date guidelines but worth it!  (Click here to find out how to get $10 off your bill at some of these establishments!)

Patchogue will also be hosting its Christmas parade on the 29th, also at 6PM.  It can be a bit nippy outside, so I’ll let you in on my little secret–make a reservation at one of the great restaurants on Main Street by the front windows!  Enjoy a wonderful dinner and a glass of wine or a microbrew in a toasty restaurant and still be able to see it all!  I recommend Gallo Tropical and Hazy Moon.  They have some really great deals, so check them out!

Feed me, Seymore!

I promised you dining deals and here’s some of the best cheap eats in the local area!  The Gourmet Burger Bistro in Port Jeff is tucked down an alleyway and a bit hard to find, but if you’re looking for something a little better than Mickey D’s, pay a visit!

Toast and Co. in Huntington is new and experiencing some growing pains, but the reviews are largely favorable for this new breakfast joint!

Pita House, with locations in Patchogue and Setauket, is always sure to please!  From hummus to kebabs, I’ve never had anything bad here!

A relatively new place I am hearing GREAT buzz about is Campari in Northport!  I hear everything is really fresh, cooked just right, and that this is a great date place!  As a gal who can make a mean “gravy”, I’ll have to get there soon to check it out!

A little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll!

What with everyone from Borders to Target to WalMart selling CD’s these days, someone like me who likes her old school vinyl loves stumbling upon independent record stores where the people who work there really get into what they sell!  Looney Tunes is back and better than ever, High Fidelity is THE place to go if you love vinyl, the Cop Shop is a one stop resource if you’re into hip-hop (and often has guest appearances!), and Record Stop has been around since I was a kid…

Wine pick of the week…

I stumbled upon a great little (actually BIG) red wine this weekend that can really hold its own with steak, marinated poultry, or a hearty soup like a bisque or potato leek…Roogle Red (2004) has hints of flint and cassis, great legs, and a medium finish.  This is a great dinner wine, and the product of a collaberation between Australian and American vintners.  You can find this at Houdek’s for about $10! 

Pretty cool label, huh?

Pretty cool label, huh?

Found footage!

The Cinema Arts Center “Theatre of the Wild” is going to be featuring “Found Footage”!  I’m not even going to try and explain this one…the name speaks for itself, but you MUST check out the write up!  Hilarious!

Ben Model (he of the often mentioned on this blog fame and of the Silent Clowns series) will be providing accompaniment to “The Strong Man”, a slapstick classic.  If you have never gone to one of these silent films with organ accompaniment events, you should…it’s a throwback to the heyday of silent film (and a bit of a surrealistic experience!).  $9 gets you in to either of these!

My “seal” of approval…

Keep your eyes peeled on this blog…one of the coolest groups around (CRESLI) has their Seal Walks starting in just a few weeks.  Check out their website for some cool pics (and more pics from the whale watching trip I went on this summer).  $5 per person, get your exercise and get close to nature, too!  I’ll be posting the dates and locations weekly, so keep checking back!

All for now…got a gig or event?  Let me know!  Email me at cheapdateli@gmail.com!  I look forward to hearing from you!

PS…I’m still trying to figure out the videos, I did NOT post the whale pooping one (they come up automatically if you don’t set them) and I know that is not a whale, but a whale shark…

It’s raining and grey outside today…the sort of day that many people stay home, make some soup, maybe open up a bottle of wine, and pop in a movie.  Sure enough, I’ll be doing some of that later myself.  In the meantime, there are lots of things going on this weekend that I put out there the post before last…make sure you check out some of them!  But now, it’s time to jump in and let you in on what’s coming up for the coming week!

When I hear music…

…it makes me dance (and it ends up looking like Elaine from Seinfeld).  Yes, I was into that whole dance music thing in the ’80’s.  I’ve matured, and so has my taste in music.  I’m lucky enough to live in an area where the arts and music scene is hopping, and locals will often text me to let me know who is playing where (to which I text back asking if they’d like me to meet them for a beer…yes, life is good!)  Anyhow, we’ve got some great gigs coming up this week, starting with Monday…a very special Live in the Lobby Unlabeled at the Patchogue Theatre-featuring The Sun Gets Down, Airdate, and The Turn.  $10 gets you in.

Speaking of the Patchogue Theatre…on the 16th Sarah Wolfson, Soprano will be performing.  $15 tix available at the door.

Blues poet Ray Bonneville will be at University Cafe on November 23.  Advance tickets are $15, remaining tickets will be $20 at the door.

University Cafe will also be hosting the Long Island Acoustic Tour on November 21st.  $3 not only gets you in, but is good towards purchasing any of the artists’ CD’s.

As mentioned in a previous post, the Bellport Songwriter Series will be hosting Miles to Dayton this week…$5 tix at the door, DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!  This incredible band will be taking a break to catch up with life so this will be their last gig for a while!

Another show not to miss is the Homegrown String Band playing at the Grey Horse Tavern on November 22.

Cathy Kreger will be performing at Elijah Churchill’s on November 22nd.

Paul Helou will be playing at Woodsongs at the Movies…$12 tix.

David Roth will be at Our Times Coffeehouse on November 21…$15 at the door.  (Ladies, even if you aren’t into acoustic music…this is worth going to see…this guy is HOT!  Nothing wrong with some eye candy once in a while!)

This one is a bit down the road, but is a must-see for a good cause!  The Peacesmiths are holding a fundraiser featuring some great acts like Walt Sargent and Suzanne Ernst…$15 gets you in!

Putting the art before the horse…

Yes, I did that on purpose!  However, what I did NOT do on purpose was hook the wrong link onto Gallery 4222’s featured artist…so here, without further ado, is the correct info for Roberto Perinuzzi.

The Gallery at Bald Hill is exhibiting a portrait show I had the good fortune of getting to see this past Wednesday.  Some of the work is just incredible…

Hurry before it’s gone!  Poquott-A Photographic Journey closes on the 23rd!

Gallery North is hosting a Holiday Art show…there’s some really great things featured on the website…and most items are available for purchase!

Also ending this week is bjspoke’s exhibit Sake Cups…sounds boring, but is actually very cool!

One more that is ending this week is the Members’ Show at Mill Pond House

And I want to get it out there that a local treasure is in danger of closing!  The Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport may close by EARLY NEXT YEAR if it does not get help!  Money is running out, and donations in these tough times have not been sufficient to support the museum.  Now, most of us are not wealthy…but make an effort to save a really interesting place, either by stopping in for a visit (make sure you go see the whale shark, the library, and take the mansion tour!) or writing to your legislator.

All for now…I’ll be back in a few days with dining deals and more great things to do.  Have an event or gig that should be here?  Email me at cheapdateli@gmail.com!

It’s getting closer to the holidays, and this year seems a bit strange…two people close to me have lost their jobs in the past week, the media keeps projecting gloom and doom, and everyone is holding back from spending a lot this year. Before I start on my usual arts, music, food, etc…lowdown, I’d like to get some really important information out there for those in need or those of you who know someone who may need a little help right now. And if you are fortunate enough not to have been affected by the current economy and don’t know anyone who has been either…do your part and volunteer or donate to a worthy cause. Many people are too proud to let others know they need help…your gift may just end up helping a neighbor or a friend!

Food pantries

Long Island may be one of the most affluent areas around. However, dispersed among our neighborhoods are some pockets of those in need. What better way to help (or get help) than to use some of the resources available? Food drives abound, but let me fill you in on some of the organizations that truly make a difference: Long Island Cares, Pronto, The Inn, and Island Harvest all take donations, desperately need volunteers, and feed the hungry.

Flu shots

Flu season is upon us.  Many of us have medical conditions where the flu can be life threatening, and others have lost their jobs andcan’t afford to get sick or go to the doctors.  For low cost flu shots and pneumonia vaccines, click here.

Clothing drives

Now is the perfect time of year to clean out the closets and give those clothes you can’t fit into anymore to someone who can really use them.  Big Brothers/Big Sisters, FEGS, and Dress for Success are some of the lesser known organizations that will take your gently used clothing and distribute them to people who need and appreciate them.

Made you read!

Literacy Suffolk is always in need of volunteers to help teach ESL, developmentally disabled, and illiterate people how to read. 

Free stuff

If you can set up an extra email for all the blasts you are going to get, and have the time to take a few online surveys, this is a great site I have used for years…Totally Free Stuff has everything from cosmetics to food to baby items.  I’ve even made cold hard cash doing this!  Just read all offers carefully, as some are truly too good to be true (in other words, scams.  Really, a laptop or iPhone for free?  Come on…)

Home heating assistance

Suffolk County has assistance available for those who may not be able to pay their home heating bill.  Click here for more information.

All for now…I’ll be back Saturday with the lowdown as to what is hot and happening for the coming week…and I promise, it’s gonna be a good one!  Check back, email me with info at cheapdateli@gmail.com, and we’ll chat soon!

WOW, I’ve been kind of out of commission for the past week as I have been sick, and I have really gotten my horns busted by some of you!  Tell you what…if you have a comment or a gig and it’s getting really close to the date and I have not posted it yet…feel free to just post it to comments on the blog!  Make sure it’s under $30 and not X-rated, and is written with some semblence to English…no emoticons, LOL’s or the like.  Most of the people who read this thing are adults…keep that in mind, is all I ask!

And now I am just going to jump right in…

I’ve been corrected!

The phrase is, “Music to soothe the savage breast.”  Ooops…literary faux pas.  I have an excuse…I haven’t been feeling good…my mind is muddled…Oh, all right, I screwed up!  Thank you, Doug, for pointing that out.  I need you all to keep me on my toes! 

Got a great email from Sonic Underground…house concert…cutting and pasting again…Hey there, just wanted to let you know that we’re hosting a House Concert/Open Mic this Sunday, 11/9 from 4-7pm.  Here’s the info if you have time/interest in listing:http://www.Lucky13.fm

Sonic Underground is hosting a House Concert/Open Mic in Stony Brook 11/9/08 from 4-7pm featuring Iowa songstress/Kerrville finalist Michelle Dalziel, an open mic and Lucky 13. Food, wine, music and fun all for a $15 donation. Keyboardists welcome-we’ll already have one set up. Guitarists, bring your own.

In order to reserve go to:http://www.Lucky13.fm

Directions and confirmation given upon reserving your spot. Hope to see/hear you there!

Shenole Latimer and Gale Storm wil be at Dockside Cafe on the 15th. (Gale, if you have a site, send me the URL so I can link to it…I keep finding a million other Gale Storms!)

Jazz in the Living Room is back this week with another workshop!

This one sounds like a hoot!  Mary Lamont at the Lindenhurst Knights of Columbus Hall, also on the 15th…country dance lessons will be given at the break.  $15 per person!

David Jon Paisley will be at University Cafe on Friday the 14th…and this week, on the 9th is Mustard’s Retreat.

Getting a bit ahead of the dates here, but Miles to Dayton will be at the Bellport Songwriter Series on the 23rd.  $5 gets you in.  This band rocks!  If you have ever seen them, you know.  If you haven’t, you should!

New gigs out there…this is VERY cool!  Again, with a copy and paste… WoodSongs at the Movies at Clearview Cinema’s Manhasset Cinema*, 430 Plandome Road, Manhasset, 516-365-9188.
Admission $12.00 Purchase tickets on-line. All shows consist of an opening act of a live local performer, followed by an on-screen movie of a one-hour show from WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour from the historic Kentucky Theater in Lexington, KY.  November 12, 2008: Wednesday 7:30pm
On stage – James O’Malley and Jaime Michaels, on screen: Kathy Mattea.

Getting a bit ahead of myself again, but this one is going to be one great show!  The Vail-Leavitt Music Hall is presenting their Original Voices at the Vail on the 20th.  Featuring Last Charge of the Light Horse (previously mentioned on this blog, really good, sound kinda like Cake, one of my all time faves…) and two open mic sessions…this will be one hot ticket!

And now…parlaying from music to wine…loving this new venue!  Jazz N Grapes in Huntington.  The name says it all!

Spill the wine…

Borghese Vineyards is hosting something right up my alley!  You all know I love my wine.  What you may not realize is that I collect corks.  Susan DeStafano will be presenting Inside the Artist’s Studio–Cork Art (what to do with all those corks…I now realize I am not alone!).

Also at Borghese Vineyards and also FREE…taunt your palette with decadent flavor: chicken bruschetta demonstration with Chief Instructor Chris Chriello of Loaves and Fishes Cooking School on November 15!

November 13th brings us a Beer Tasting Dinner at Wave Restaurant in Port Jeff!

Shopping cART…

Calling all artists and shoppers!  The East End Arts Council is revving up their Holiday Market and Holiday Market Plus! 

The Jamesport Manor Inn will be featuring the works of Jan Culbertson, Aija Meisters, Susan Ecker, and Stu Mc Callum.

It’s time for Harvest Gospel Concerts! Many of these events donate the proceeds to local charities such as Lighthouse Mission.  The East End Arts Council has theirs listed here and Briarcliffe College is hosting theirs on November 14th (contact Steven Mitchell at 631-569-2070, say you read about it here).

The Smithtown Arts Council at Apple Bank presents the works of Ross Barbera.

Gallery 4222 in Port Jeff is feautring the works of Robert Perinuzzi…his works make me think of what would happen if Emilio Pucci, Braque, Klee, and Kandinsky had illustrated the Kama Sutra or Rigveda…psychodelic/cubist with an Indian flavor…it’s just really cool!

I’ll be adding more on Monday/Tuesday, so check back!  Have a gig/exhibit/event?  Email me at cheapdateli@gmail.com! Coming soon, by request…Ace Paisley, Design Detective–sensible interior design advice for those on a modest budget.  Inexpensive does not have to mean cheap!  Also coming soon…me figuring out the podcasts and links on WordPress AND mailing list info…and photos…and I need more hours in the day…Chat soon, y’all!

Boy, does that quote seem relevent this week!  I’ve been thinking about the subject of moving as I am starting to seriously look at buying my first home.  My honey is also moving into a new place this weekend.  But on a much grander scale…this week brings us to Election Day.  Is it going to be a time for change, or will it be more of the same?  Both candidates have their good and bad points, and though Mr. Obama seems to have the lead, who knows what can happen on election day (can you say hanging chads?  The Bush/Gore election?  The Bush/Kerry election?)  Regardless of who wins, it’s time for us to move in a new direction.

Speaking of moving, Turkey Coma day is coming!  (What does Thanksgiving have to do with moving?  Well, you’ll have to do a whole LOT of moving to burn off the calories you’ll be ingesting…how’s that?) Now, for those of you who want to put on a great show without all the fuss, I’ll let you in on a little secret–take out!  I know some of these prices may seem a bit high, but when you do the math, it ends up at around $15 per person…right within guidelines (and cheaper than if you had done the shopping and cooking yourself!).  I’ll take the liberty of cutting and pasting here from the Long Island Restaurant website:

Skip the fuss and the mess and have executive chef Cheryl Stair of Art of Eating (631) 267-2411 in Amagansett prepare your Thanksgiving meal. Famed for her predilection toward organic and local ingredients, she designs a take-home menu of 40 items to compose a five-course meal or just dessert.  Orders will be taken through November 19 for pick up by noon on Thanksgiving Day.  Call (631) 267-2411 or e-mail wecaterit@aol.com.  Sample menu items include: carrot and French apple cider soup; slow-roasted turkey from Mecox Ludlow Farms; apple sauce with local Milk Pail apples; and pear cobbler.

Let Citarella in East Hampton (631) 324-9190 or Water Mill (631) 726-3636 simplify your Thanksgiving.  From fresh free-range turkey, fine quality seafood, delectable prepared foods and stunning pastry selections, Citarella has everything the gourmand needs for a complete holiday feast.  Orders may be placed up to three days in advance and must be picked up by Wednesday, November 26th.  Orders for platters must be placed by Monday, November 24th.

Diane’s Bakery & Café (516) 621-2522 in Roslyn prepares traditional Thanksgiving fixings this holiday season.  Orders must be prepaid and placed by Saturday, November 22.  Customers may pick up orders Wednesday, November 26 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Thursday, November 27 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Items include: pecan pie, triple berry tart, pumpkin nut loaf, roast sliced turkey breast, and apple raisin stuffing.

East Wind Caterers (631) 846-2335 in Wading River prepares a traditional Thanksgiving feast to serve six to ten guests at home for $149 plus tax.  Orders must be placed by Sunday, November 23.  Dinner will be available, cooked and cold with reheating instructions, for pick up on Wednesday, November 26 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., or packed hot and ready to serve on Thursday, November 27 from 11 p.m. to 3 p.m. Take-away items include honey whipped sweet potatoes, 14-pound turkey, and pumpkin pie.

A little cheese with that wine?

Just because the weather is getting nippy doesn’t mean there isn’t lots to do!  Agian, I’m going to copy and paste from LI Restaurant’s website:  Corey Creek Vineyards (631) 765-4168 in Southold will be hosting homemade jelly tastings every weekend, from 1-4 p.m. Come and taste a variety of jams and jellies made from all natural products, and homegrown flavor with sophisticated taste. Pair your jams and jellies with Corey Creek wines for a tasting fee of $5.  They also host a wine and cheese pairing, the last Saturday of each month. On Saturday, November 29th they will be pairing their award winning wines with an assortment of artisanal cheeses. The cost is $15 per person and complimentary for wine club members. Reservations are required; please RSVP for the pairing on, November 29th, by Friday, November  28th.

TONIGHT!  At Jazz N Grapes in Huntington…The Danny Wolf Trio along with a FREE wine tasting! 6-10 PM.

Next weekend on the 8th…the Borghese Vineyards is hosting a Winemaker’s Walk and Tasting, $15 per person.

Ever wanted to go to some of those expensive restaurants and experience one of those wine dinners, but it was just too expensive at $100 plus per person?  Well, this does exceed guidelines, but for the price, it’s worth the mention…Bohlsen-owned restaurants Prime – an American Kitchen and Bar (631) 385-1515 in Huntington, Tellers Chophouse (631) 277-7070 in Islip and H2O Seafood Grill (631) 361-6464 in Smithtown, will offer a three-course $50 wine dinner ($40 without wines) from Sunday, November 2 to Thursday, November 6.   I’ve been to all three…all excellent!

Dinner and a movie? 

Rowdy Hall (631) 324-8555  in East Hampton is now offering discounted movie tickets with your meal. Patrons of Rowdy Hall are entitled to a UA Cinema movie ticket at the cost of $7.50 with their meal Sunday – Thursday during lunch and dinner.

Music to sooth the savage beast…

This entry comes from Christopher…Saturday November 8, 9:00 Sage Cafe: Jay Scott Acoustic, FREE!
Our first show at the Sage – Jay Scott and Jason Tebaldi play songs from Homegrown, some brand new tunes and some tasty covers.  Located at the end of Nicholls Road on Montauk Highway in Blue Point, the Sage Cafe has been a staple on the south shore for over 14 years. The atmosphere and clientele are eclectic. The menu is diverse and always delicious. They have a large selection of beer, including tasty suds from the award winning brewers at Blue Point Brewery.

Stefan Julian will be at University Cafe on November 7…

Thursday is Big Bottom Bike Nite with Pamela Betti at McGovern’s in Oakdale…

TONIGHT! Susan Werner in concert!  I KNOW it’s over the $30 limit, but she’s worth seeing!

This Thursday…Live in the Lobby is back with Return to the Dream  (this is Martha Trachtenberg and Tom Griffith’s new gig!  DO NOT MISS THIS, they are INCREDIBLE!  Love them!  And Boohoo, I have to teach that night!  I think class may end early…), and will also feature Dave Dircks and Laura Jean Binkley…$10 gets you in the door!

Speaking of Dave Dircks…Acoustic Long Island is back this week with what looks like a great show…with Dean Fields, Sherri Miller, and Chris Cubeta and the Liars Club…Deepwells Mansion…as always…FREE!  I’m still trying to figure out how to get the Podcasts to play on the side of this blog so you can preview these gigs before going…

The Eclectic Cafe will be featuring James Lee Stanley on November 8…$10 gets you in…

You’re running out of time…

To hit the LI farmstands and get your fresh produce!  This month is the final month for many until late Spring ’09.  Make a point of getting that last run in…view a comprehensive list by clicking here!

Of course, I’ll be back in a few to let you know about more great things to get out there and do…keep checking back, keep spreading the word, and as always, if you have an event/gig/info, email me at cheapdateli@gmail.com!

Chat soon!