Aren’t we forgeting the true meaning of Christmas? You know, the birth of Santa.-Groening

November 18, 2008

The holidays are closing in on us fast…next week is Thanksgiving, and already Christmas celebrations are upon us!  There are some great, incredible in fact, things to do coming up to get us all into the spirit without breaking the bank!

Rock the boat…

In a previous post, I had mentioned Patchogue’s famous Holiday Boat Parade (and I had to start this post with the Simpsons quote as the whole holiday/Christmas boat parade argument just kills me!  Can’t we all just get along?).  This is one of the coolest things you will ever see!  Myriads of boats decked out in lights and their festive best cruise up and down the Patchogue River.  Some even have performers on them putting on a heck of a show.  The best part about this event is that it’s FREE!  Grab some hot chocolate and get yourself down to the Fire Island Ferry Terminal…bring a lawn chair and get there EARLY!!!!  This Sunday, the 23rd, at 6PM.  Don’t miss it!  If you’re up to impressing someone special, try to get reservations at The Oar, The Harbor Crab, or the Off-Key Tikki…all are located on the river and will provide you with a stellar view of the festivities!  It will be over the $30 Cheap Date guidelines but worth it!  (Click here to find out how to get $10 off your bill at some of these establishments!)

Patchogue will also be hosting its Christmas parade on the 29th, also at 6PM.  It can be a bit nippy outside, so I’ll let you in on my little secret–make a reservation at one of the great restaurants on Main Street by the front windows!  Enjoy a wonderful dinner and a glass of wine or a microbrew in a toasty restaurant and still be able to see it all!  I recommend Gallo Tropical and Hazy Moon.  They have some really great deals, so check them out!

Feed me, Seymore!

I promised you dining deals and here’s some of the best cheap eats in the local area!  The Gourmet Burger Bistro in Port Jeff is tucked down an alleyway and a bit hard to find, but if you’re looking for something a little better than Mickey D’s, pay a visit!

Toast and Co. in Huntington is new and experiencing some growing pains, but the reviews are largely favorable for this new breakfast joint!

Pita House, with locations in Patchogue and Setauket, is always sure to please!  From hummus to kebabs, I’ve never had anything bad here!

A relatively new place I am hearing GREAT buzz about is Campari in Northport!  I hear everything is really fresh, cooked just right, and that this is a great date place!  As a gal who can make a mean “gravy”, I’ll have to get there soon to check it out!

A little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll!

What with everyone from Borders to Target to WalMart selling CD’s these days, someone like me who likes her old school vinyl loves stumbling upon independent record stores where the people who work there really get into what they sell!  Looney Tunes is back and better than ever, High Fidelity is THE place to go if you love vinyl, the Cop Shop is a one stop resource if you’re into hip-hop (and often has guest appearances!), and Record Stop has been around since I was a kid…

Wine pick of the week…

I stumbled upon a great little (actually BIG) red wine this weekend that can really hold its own with steak, marinated poultry, or a hearty soup like a bisque or potato leek…Roogle Red (2004) has hints of flint and cassis, great legs, and a medium finish.  This is a great dinner wine, and the product of a collaberation between Australian and American vintners.  You can find this at Houdek’s for about $10! 

Pretty cool label, huh?

Pretty cool label, huh?

Found footage!

The Cinema Arts Center “Theatre of the Wild” is going to be featuring “Found Footage”!  I’m not even going to try and explain this one…the name speaks for itself, but you MUST check out the write up!  Hilarious!

Ben Model (he of the often mentioned on this blog fame and of the Silent Clowns series) will be providing accompaniment to “The Strong Man”, a slapstick classic.  If you have never gone to one of these silent films with organ accompaniment events, you should…it’s a throwback to the heyday of silent film (and a bit of a surrealistic experience!).  $9 gets you in to either of these!

My “seal” of approval…

Keep your eyes peeled on this blog…one of the coolest groups around (CRESLI) has their Seal Walks starting in just a few weeks.  Check out their website for some cool pics (and more pics from the whale watching trip I went on this summer).  $5 per person, get your exercise and get close to nature, too!  I’ll be posting the dates and locations weekly, so keep checking back!

All for now…got a gig or event?  Let me know!  Email me at!  I look forward to hearing from you!

PS…I’m still trying to figure out the videos, I did NOT post the whale pooping one (they come up automatically if you don’t set them) and I know that is not a whale, but a whale shark…


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  1. Chris Moran Says:

    Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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