I used to be Snow White — but I drifted.-Mae West

December 9, 2008

Another night at the library.  Students are getting ready for finals and rushing around trying to find articles for papers that are due next week.  It’s fine by me…I already decorated this place for the holidays, and dusted everything down.  Not much else to do except write…and since we are heading towards the holidays (and winter break for me), I’m looking forward to jazzing up my teensy tiny apartment with a paint job and some new furniture.  (Hence the kind of color related quote to open…) That brings me to my first entry…

There’s no place like home!

I love my apartment.  It’s tiny, and cozy, but at the same time just big enough for me to have a few friends over for some wine and a movie.  However, I’ve been there for a while, and the paint really needs to be redone.  As someone who worked as an interior designer for twenty years, I like to keep my fingers on the pulse of the coming trends.  And, oh, joy…the wimpy pastels and neutrals that have been everywhere for the past few years are getting kicked to the curb!  Color is back (as per Pantone, the color forecasters for the fashion industry)!  The hottest colors for 2009 are lemon, olive, and plum…and contrast is key!  Put a soft powdery blue on the walls, throw a deep red-plum sofa in, add in some menswear accents and some old world gold drapery rods (I’m paraphrasing the Benjamin Moore website here) and you’ll be ready for 2009-2010! 

The best way to update your home on the cheap is with paint.  However, many people are terrified that they are going to make a huge mistake by painting with the color they fell in love with on the swatch.  Fear not!  Here’s how to ensure you’ll be making the right decision!  For you tech savvy folks, Benjamin Moore has this nifty little widget on their website that will let you upload a picture of your own room and virtually paint it!  For those of you who are a little more hands on, here’s how to ensure a good decision.  Paint a piece of foamcore in the color of your choice.  Move it around the room you are looking to paint and look at it at different times of day (especially the time of day that you will be using the room the most).  If you love it, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be happy with it when it is on your walls. 

Paint is the fastest and least expensive way to update a room. You will average 300 square feet per gallon, and for a good paint, expect to spend $30 a gallon.  Cheap paint usually equals lousy coverage and more coats, ending up at a higher cost than if you had made the investment in the good stuff in the first place.  Make sure you prime first!  The secret to a good paint job is the prep you put into it.

Where does this fall under being a Cheap Date?  I’ve had some great dates with pizza, beer and paint!  Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

Movie night

Cinema Arts has some great things coming up!  This week, what is considered to be one of the first animated films–The Adventures of Prince Achmed–will be shown in all is restored glory (with organ accompaniment by Ben Model).  Coming soon–the Return of Summer Camp Cinema with Black Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night, and ghetto kung-fu with the cult classic Dolemite! $9 gets you in!

The Staller Center has its Spring Passes for its film series on sale NOW!  $25 gets you a season’s worth of great movies–at just over $2 apiece!

Ciao, bello!

One thing I LOVE is Italian food.  Having eaten at some of the best restaurants on LI (such as Cirellas, Mangia Mangia, etc. and etc.) AND having been engaged to one guy whose family was from Monte Verde and having been married to a Sicilian, I know good “gravy”.  However, many of the really good places can be really expensive.  One little gem stands out though…and it is possible to have a great meal including appetizers and an entree for under $30 (not including vino) at Carnival!  Good food, huge portions, and no plate sharing fee makes this a great Cheap Date! 

Is that a paintbrush in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

The Smithtown Arts Council is hosting an Open Juried show that runs from now until December 30.  This looks good…don’t miss it!

Some of the local galleries are hosting holiday events that might be a bit out of Cheap Date standards to actually make a purchase; but–isn’t most of the fun just going and looking anyway?  Gallery North, b.j. spoke, and the East End Arts Council all have wonderful items to please any eye.

All for now, you kooky cats!  I’ll be back this weekend with lots more to do!  Have an event that should be on here?  Let me know at cheapdateli@gmail.com!


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