A perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell.-Shaw

December 13, 2008

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming!  And I have only bought three gifts so far!  So much running to do, so many places to go, and so many people to see make this a hectic time of year.  However, take some time to kick back with a cup of coffee and smell the gingerbread…before you know it, we’ll be well into 2009!

Don’t know much about history…

The holidays are the perfect time of year to wander around a Main Street or downtown–about an hour before the shops close.  The sun has set, the shop windows are lit up with tiny lights and Christmas decorations that the dark makes seem all that much brighter.  One beautiful historic downtown is Roslyn…with its clock tower, Diane’s Bakery, and more, this is worth a drive!

Stony BrStonybrook Villageook Village also has a quaint Village center that overlooks the water.  With stores like Godiva, The Writing Place, and Wish…this is a great little getaway worth a stop!

While in the area, check out the Country House Restaurant!  With new bar menus, you can dine on steak, crab cakes and other yummy items in what was rated 2007’s Most Romantic Long Island Restaurant and still not break the bank!

Sealed with a kiss

Want to see the seals off our coasts but not up to going all the way out to Montauk to do it?  This week, CRESLI starts its Seal Walks at Cupsogue Beach.  For a small donation, you can see seals frolic in their natural habitat. 

The Riverhead Foundation does a wonderful job of helping and saving injured, sick, or tired sea mammals.  If you have ever thought of adopting an animal, but just did not feel like handling the upkeep…here’s your answer!  Adopt one of their animals!  They do the work, you get the adoption certificate and the knowledge that you have done something to help an animal!

Good folk

Well, the year is winding down, and the gigs are a bit fewer this time of year as everyone is rushing around trying to get ready for the holidays!  However, there are still some great shows worth seeing!  For example, Lucky 13 will be playing WoodSongs at the Cinemas this week.  Do not miss this talented trio!

The Grand Folk Railroad will be playing at The Cup on December 19th. 

On Thursday, the 18th, the Vail-Leavitt Music Hall will be hosting “Original Voices at the Hall” and collecting for Toys for Tots!

Straight from the art…

A couple of exhibits you shouldn’t miss out on before they are gone!  Through January 4, the Nassau County Museum of Art presents the Sensuous Art Nouveau World of Louis Comfort Tiffany…before you start thinking that art is all stuffy, think about it…this is the guy who designed those stained glass windows and lamps that people still love today!

The Heckscher Museum in Huntington is featuring an exhibit of Mythic Landscapes of America through January 4th. 

All for now…don’t forget to check previous posts for holiday happenings, coupons, and dining deals.  I’ll be back soon with more to do!  NEXT POST–Holiday entertaining for singles!  Throw a party, and impress your friends and family with these quick and easy recipes and fun (and yes, cheap) ideas!

Ideas?  Comments?  Let me know at cheapdateli@gmail.com!


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