Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.-Valdez

December 20, 2008

I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world right now!  I just had new furniture delivered yesterday (which the cats have already claimed for themselves!), it’s snowing and there might actually be some left on the ground to give us our first “White Christmas” in years, and my boyfriend cleaned off my car for me this morning and made me hot cocoa before I had to work at the library.  I got some emails letting me know that there are things going on over the holidays, and I found my leftover Christmas cards from last year!  Life is good!

If you have already finished your Christmas shopping, writing out cards, and prepping for the holiday entertaining, read on…there are things to do!  (If you are rushing around like me, fear not…I have some helpful hints on here to help you manage to get everything done on time and on a budget…they will be listed after the “things to do” info!)

Walkin’ in a winter wonderland…

This is in NYC but I’ve seen something like this at the Botanical Gardens and it was just so cool…the Holiday Train Show at the Transit Museum features model trains running through a holiday season NYC setup.  The best part is that it’s FREE!

The Old Village Hall Museum in Lindenhurst is featuring an exhibit of toys, decorations, and dollhouses from Christmases past.  Call 631-957-4385 for more information.

One of my favorite things to do is to drive around and look at the light shows that people have set up on their front lawns (and wonder if they have promised their first born to LIPA–I’d hate to see their bill!).  Click here to view a list of great Christmas houses!

Even if you aren’t religious, there is something special about Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve in an old church.  The incense, the music, the candles, the celebration…I’m not going to list all the churches here, but this website will help you locate one close to you!

The National Park Service is hosting a Holiday Hike on Fire Island at 9AM on Friday…three hours, three miles, and parking is available at Smith Point County Park.  Call 631-281-3010 for more information.

Keep it local…

Local fave Jay Scott has a couple of gigs coming up that are worth seeing…TONIGHT, Saturday, at Once and For All with a host of other local musical names such as Jessie Pagano, Chris P. Cauley and Jason Tebaldi.  Next week, Jay will be at Stephen Talkhouse…I’m hearing rumors of a bus trip…let me know if you’d like to know more!

Tonight at the Hard Luck Cafe…this is a great one!  Return to the Dream, David Bailey and Princess Peapod…$10 gets you in!

Single and looking for something to do on New Year’s Eve?

Singles Dining Out Meetup will be getting together for a New Year’s Eve dinner at Meritage.  It’s not too late to join up and take advantage of this great group!  (I know it will be more than Cheap Date Guidelines, but it’s New Year’s Eve…treat yourself!)

Attention, last minute shoppers!

As promised, here are some more helpful hints to make your holiday planning a bit less hectic!

Forgot to send out your holiday cards? Let the people you care about know you haven’t forgotten them with an e-card! American Greetings is my favorite online card site…but if you prefer something a little more “blue”, JibJab is the site for you.  Just remember, real e-cards provide a link to click on…be careful, as there is a virus with “e-card” in the title and an attachment…real e-cards don’t use attachments! 

It’s a little too late to order online for Christmas delivery, but there are still some great gifts to be had on a budget with only a little bit of running around!  My favorite gift for my friends is what I call my “Take a Night Off” gift bag.  Contents:  1 bottle of wine or good microbrew.  Chocolate.  Candle or incense. Book. Video store gift card for $10.  The best part is that you can tailor this gift to anyone’s taste!  (Looking to do this for an office chum or someone you don’t know that well?  Here’s some helpful info!  Port wine is popular and well liked…paired with dark chocolate, it’s decadent!  Candle scents can be a bit tricky…vanilla is the most universally liked scent, and therefore the safest choice.  The book?  My pick is “The 2,548 Best Things Anyone Ever Said” and can often be found in paperback at Borders on the sale tables for under $10!)

Don’t forget the furbabies!  This is the perfect time of year to get a new collar or some special treats!  The best part?  You can often get these items in the supermarket!  Scan your supermarket’s online circular to see if there are any special deals before heading out!

No gift wrap?  No problem!  My favorite form of wrapping involves brown paper bags! (You might think of them as lunch baggies.) For a homespun look, add red or ivory tissue peeking out the top, and tie with red raffia.  Easy, cheap, and looks great!

All for now!  Check back soon as there’s always new events being emailed to me!  Merry Christmas!


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