Music with dinner is an insult both to the cook and the violinist.-Chesterton

January 9, 2009

So much to do and so little time!  I’ve got more great events just piling up in my mailbox that I need to get out to you all, so let me just jump right in!

I’ve got your Bach…

I’d be remiss in not bringing these gigs up for the classical music fans, so here goes…my friend Jim is a wonderful violinist.  Not only is he a teacher, but builds instruments as well.   I’ve heard him play…and you can too!  January 11 at the Connetquot Public Library, the Hidden City String Quartet will be playing.  This gig is FREE so don’t miss it!  Call 567-5079 for info.

Do you sing or know someone who does?  The Brookhaven Arts Council is looking for you!  The 15th Annual Choral Festival is coming up and will feature a Youth Chorus as well as a Choral Masters Concert.  Call 451-9070 for info!

Uh, oh…gotta run!  I need more time for this thing!  Coming next:

The puppetmaster cometh!

Winter Arts Festival…

Dining Deals while at the Festival

Dinner and a movie!

Galleries and cultural events…

All in this weekend’s post as I will be nursing a hot cocoa and watching the snow…check back in a few days for one jam packed, really long post with info to keep you busy on a budget for the next few weeks!

Got a gig you’d like to see on here, or know of a great deal?  Email me at!


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