My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income.-Flynn

January 23, 2009

Ah, to be poor…it inspires creativity and imagination.  Rich people can pay people to think for them.  But those of us that have to find ways to do things, experience things…we are more original, more willing to take chances–and more appreciative of the end result. 

With that said, I just realized that Valentine’s Day is around the corner (well, three weeks…but it tends to sneak up on the best and most prepared of us!)  In a bad economy, it may be a bit challenging to come up with something special on a budget to rock her socks off (and let’s face it…Valentine’s Day is a chick holiday!), but if she’s game…it can be a day to remember!

The drink…Prosecco.  A light bubbly white I happen to like better than champagne.  A good bottle can be found for under $10.

The food…get your butt to Stop and Shop and pick up some cheese and chocolate.  And I don’t mean Hershey’s and Kraft Singles–get some Ghiradelli squares and some Fontina or Gouda.  Add some berries and some sliced apples.

The activity…you can get creative with this!  One I heard about recently was about a guy who surprised his girl with a large blank canvas, a couple of paintbrushes, and a few cans of latex paint (already open).  If you have ever had a “painting party” with your friends, you know that it can be good, messy fun.  With a significant other, well, who knows?

A particular popular gentleman’s magazine had a very interesting article in it this month about things around the house that can be used for “play”.  Everything from shoelaces to clothespins was included on this list.  My favorite was the oh-so-innocent chin up bar, as it’s something most people have and most won’t question.  If I have to explain these things to you, well, I shouldn’t have to…and get digging through that kitchen junk drawer!

Don’t forget the flowers!  It’s too cold to pick some from outside, but you don’t have to spend a fortune.  Go ahead and buy that supermarket bouquet…but kill the plastic and the rubber band, and wrap them in brown craft paper with a red satin ribbon.  She’ll never know they were bargain basement, and you can use the ribbon later…

Don’t forget a card!  Get one that is completely inappropriate for the day, make cross outs and corrections, and add some “inside” jokes…we chicks like nothing better than a man who makes us laugh!

Gotta go, still didn’t get to the music for the coming week…but there’s always Saturday…chat then!


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