How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of an electric typewriter?-Allen

January 27, 2009

Another night at the library…so quiet, so cold in here.  I wish I was at home with the furbabies, getting the cat shiatsu while buried under piles of polarfleece blankets and sipping on some cocoa, but alas…I am here, typing away, hoping the next three hours will fly by.  Let me get to work on updating you with the latest, greatest, and oh-so-cheap dates around.

Fleas–Adam had’em.

Yup.  There it is…the world’s shortest poem.  And no, I did not write it.  However, I have poetry on the brain.  The Patchogue Arts Festival was this weekend, and I got out of work in time to see some really outstanding poets.  Some of you may feel that poetry is dead, or lame, or just limping along.  You’d be surprised to hear that we had a pretty full house, and that some of the poetry was really quite amusing, powerful, and sometimes sad.  I’ve mentioned poetry on this blog before, and I know the movement has been picking up steam in the (for lack of a better term) underground arts scene here on the Island.  Grab your beret and head on over to catch some of these great gigs:

Brentwood has the Solar Cafe…one solar powered, hopping joint dishing out the Latin food at prices that can’t be beat, and open mics on Tuesday nights for poetry and music in both English and Spanish.  Check out Jay Jii if you are there and check out the website for a $15 off coupon!

Wednesday nights are hopping all over…I’ll just list a few here:  East End Poetry Workshop at Rogers Memorial Library (Southampton Library) 631-283-0774… Open Mic, hosted by Eric Friedman at The Curry House (Velvet Lounge).  Thursdays are right behind with Donald Everett Axinn reading at Book Revue, and an LIPC Peer Workshop facilitated by Richard Bronson. Wanna get your inner poet on? Bring copies of a poem in need of peer review and critique. Open to poets at all levels at the Huntington Library.  This Sunday is a special poetry event at the Walt Whitman birthplace with poetry, refreshments,a raffle and more! (This one is $7 to get in.)

Art farts, this one’s for you!

There are some great gallery shows going on right now that you should NOT miss out on!  Gallery North is featuring the works of Mel Pekarsky…At the Art-trium is White Light…the Mills Pond House has its Annual Winners Exhibition…the Art League of Long Island is hosting its Members Show

And here’s one that would make for a GREAT day out!  (Hey, Sand, we missed it last time…let’s go!)  Gallery 4222 has its Collaboration exhibit again…pay $5 and they supply the brushes, canvas, and paint.  This would also make for a great date, fellas!  Pony up the ten spot and do something a little crazy and a LOT of fun!  Your favorite gal will remember this for a long time!  When you’re done working up an appetite…head on over to Pasta Pasta for some good eats!  If a burger is more your speed, check out Gourmet Burger Bistro right around the corner!

Blow that resolution already?

Most of us vowed to lose weight in 2009.  How many of us actually stuck to it…are still working out and watching what we eat (and here I am talking about pasta and burgers)?  One of the reasons people stop working out so quickly is because they get bored.  Get outside and see what Mother Nature has to offer!  The Long Island Greenbelt Association and CRESLI have some great hikes you don’t want to miss!

All for now…I’ll be back in a few days with more.  Oh, and by the way…I just set myself up on Twitter!  Look for me at cheapdateli for my pick of the day and quick and dirty updates!

Chat soon!


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