Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better.-Updike

January 29, 2009

I start this post with a quote by Updike to pay tribute to a man who could turn a phrase and just sum up an idea so quickly and succinctly. And just so appropriate to this post…more Valentine’s Day ideas!

I was thinking that there are many people who are alone on V-Day, and you know what? That’s okay! Think about it…there are many reasons NOT to like the most Hallmarked of holidays:
1. Shaving. If you’re planning on getting some quality snuggle time in, you’re going to have to do some landscaping. Gents, before you say anything, remember–we chickies have a whole lot more real estate to cover than you do!
2. Cards. It’s really hard to find a card for a FWB or someone that you have just started seeing that relays the message, “I like you, but I don’t know where this is going yet.”
3. Sexy lingerie. Face it, ladies. It’s just not that comfortable. Add thigh highs into the equation and you have itchy synthetic torture devices cinching you in + panties that ride up into places they were never meant to go + potential upper leg cellulite muffin top = can’t wait to get the darn things off (oh, wait, that’s the idea!).
4. Restaurants. Face it, fellas. The place she would want to go would NOT have beer, steak, or burgers on the menu, there would be no wide screen tv, and you would have to wear a collared shirt and socks that match.
5. Gifts. Somehow, they’re always wrong…chocolate when she’s on a diet, clothes that don’t fit (“Are you trying to tell me I need to LOSE WEIGHT?!”), and jewelry that costs enough to rival the GDP of a small third world country.

Fear not! There are many love haters and people who will be alone for various reasons for the rapidly approaching sentimental Saturday. Have a laugh looking at these Valentine’s cards gone wrong, a “Love Sucks” rant page (not for those who offend easily),  and a site that features some of the funniest Anti-Valentine’s gifts you could imagine!

There are things to do if you are alone…how about a Valentine’s Day Singles Walk in the Massapequa Reserve, or a couple of things that are a bit over budget but sound like fun, like a Valentine’s Wine/Beer Tasting Single Mingle Party or Twin Forks Singles hosting a Valentine’s Day Party at Palmer Vineyards, or this FREE pre-Valentine’s Day Wine Tasting at Jazz n’ Grapes!

Maybe you have that someone special in your life, but you are on a budget…you can still rock their world for very little coin! has AMAZING deals on gift certificates you can buy online, print, and redeem that day (hence, it’s also a great LAST MINUTE GIFT!).  Some restrictions apply, so please read carefully.  What’s really great about this site is that if you sign up for their free membership, they send you a savings code you type in at the end for even more savings!  For example, you decide to purchase a gift certificate to Bliss, paying $10 for a $25 value…add in the secret savings code at the end, and that $10 is now $3!  That’s right…you can get a $25 gift certificate for $3!  How’s that for a Cheap Date?

I can make this even sweeter!  Since V-Day falls on a Saturday, you may have the opportunity to get out a bit earlier in the day…avoid the crowds by hitting your destination of choice for lunch!  Chances are that there is a menu just for mid-day with lower prices.

Can’t afford a gift, but want to find something special?  Try Freecycle…a site of online groups all about keeping previously loved items out of the landfills and hopefully into a new home.  (If you are with someone who likes everything new…try to sell them on the fact they are being “green” and should embrace “vintage” items…it’s all about how you sell it, baby!)  And instead of flowers, how about a potted plant…how it can grow along with your love, and so on…I can guarantee it will cost a lot less than roses, and last a whole lot longer, too! 

So much to post, so little time!  I’ll be filling in at the library again tomorrow, so check back for my wine picks, MORE restaurant deals, gallery shows, and plenty of other goodies to get your Cheap Date on!  Got something that should be here?  Let me know at!  You can now get my Picks of the Day on Twitter…look for cheapdateli!  Chat soon!


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