Poverty is the schoolmaster of character.-Antiphanes

February 18, 2009

I’m home sick with a killer cold that hit all of a sudden instead of being out and about enjoying my oh-so-rare night off.  That’s not a bad thing…I do have quite a bit of new info to let you all know about!

School daze…

With the economy in the toilet, and people re-evaluating many things in their lives, returning to school is an idea that gets tossed around in many people’s minds.  How to afford it, though…that is a huge concern for many.  If you live in Suffolk County, there are options…a “pay it forward”, if you will.  Volunteer firemen have a great program available to them called SERVES–a tuition reimbursement program that requires a certain amount of service after obtaining your degree to ensure it won’t have to be paid back.    Credits for Caring is another County sponsored program that will pay for up to TWELVE credits when you volunteer in soup kitchens and other approved programs.  The best part?  There are NO LIMITATIONS as to the curriculum you choose!

Take a hike!

I try to get out several times a week on the days I don’t run and get some hiking in.  Spring is definitely right around the corner–the beginnings of skunk cabbage (those strange pod looking things that grow in swampy areas that look like something from Invasion of the Body Snatchers) are already starting to poke through the mud.  They’re pretty cool looking, and you can see them too–Blydenburgh Park has a wonderful trail with bridges and boardwalks, and house tours every Saturday at 1PM!  FREE!!!

Wine makes the world go ’round…

This one exeeds my $30 for two people guidelines, but it sounds so cool!  Bedell Cellars is having a special Wine Tasting at the Library…books, wine, good company…how can one go wrong?  Reservations are required and the event is limited to 30 people, so get a move on!  This would be a great date or girls’ night out!

Jazz and Grapes is having their usual FREE weekly soiree with the Danny Wolf Trio…

Mora’s is hosting a FREE Italian wine tasting this Saturday.  When you’re done sampling, shoot on up the road for some great cheap eats at the Curry Club!

Winterfest continues with free jazz at the vineyards…my pick?  The Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard with the Dred Scot Trio.

Returning to your roots…

The Cinema Arts Centre celebrates Black History Month with its African Diaspora Film Festival.  There are too many great films here to list…just check out their site for info!

Learn African crafts and make a scarf to take home at this event!  Reservations are required…space is limited!

Rock me gently

Return to the Dream is one of my faves, and I’m sure it would be one of yours as well once you check them out!  See them this week at Our Times Coffeehouse, $15 gets you in the door!

Deadheads and jam band fans, I’ve got one for you…$15 advance tix for The Electrix with The Reckoning!  Grab your hula hoops and tie dye…

Poetry jamz…

The Poetry Cafe at Huntington Historical Society Barn welcomes featured poets Lance Silver, Russ Green, Marek Bertelik, hosted by George Wallace at HHS Conklin Barn.Open reading to follow. $5 donation appreciated, but not mandatory.

Baby, it’s cold outside…

…but maybe not quite cold enough for you to consider ice skating outdoors, however–you can!  Christopher Morley Park and the Sayville’s Main Street (you need to check this out!) both have ice skating for a fun day for the whole family!

Arts update

In these hard economic times, our representatives have been trying to balance the budget, and that means cutting out the fat.  Unfortunately, to many that means the arts…your music venues, museums, galleries, and other things I feature on here as sources for great Cheap Dates.  Many local gems such as Phoenix Gallery and the Vanderbilt Museum may be nothing but a memory in the very near future if we do not do something about it!  Go, visit these sites!  Your attendance will make a difference!  If you feel a need to do more, click on this link and get information about letting your thoughts be known to the people who can make a difference–our politicians!

One last HOT gig!

This is one more show that exceeds guidelines, but can’t be missed!  Featuring Jack’s Waterfall, the Kerry Kearney Band and more, this is a fundraiser that promises a rocking good time.  Check the image for more info!


Comments?  Ideas?  Let me hear from you at cheapdateli@gmail.com!


One Response to “Poverty is the schoolmaster of character.-Antiphanes”

  1. Jim Silver Says:

    Sorry this may have caused confusion with anyone. We are tasting the library, not tasting in a library. When wineries put old vintages aside for extended periods, we say that we are putting them “in the library.” What we are doing is tasting a series of wines as much as 15 years old each: “A Library Tasting.” And yes, it is EXTREMELY cool. You should come ($25 per person.) For people who are into wine it is an experience you put in the memory banks for the rest of your life.

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