Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery.-Dickens

February 21, 2009

I’ve been bad this week…spending wayyyyyy too much money and going against everything I preach here, and will get to the music, arts and more in just a few…but let me review an event and give you some more “spirited” picks first…

I did go to the Bedell Cellars event last night. I really enjoyed it, and was a bit intimidated when I saw the spit buckets…I thought that this event was going to be filled with real “wine snobs” who were going to be looking down their nose at me, as I’d rather not “waste” my wine…I’d rather drink it! I felt a whole lot better when some young chickies walked in and when asked, “Merlot or chardonnay?”, they replied, “What’s the difference?” All in all, it was a very nice event, and I’d love to do it again (unfortunately, I had medical tests done on Thursday, so I was not feeling my best when I was there, which really put a damper on things!). I ended up falling in love with their 2005 Musee that they offered at the end of the event. At $65 a bottle, I’ll be saving this one for a special occasion! (Yes, I bought it!)

I’m really rather new to learning about wine…a few years ago, Two Buck Chuck would have been OK by me.  After separating from my husband in 2001, I became friends with a gal who worked in a restaurant (which has since closed) as a waitress, and her manager made the staff try different wines and wine/food pairings so they would be able to dole out some good recommendations when diners asked.  She, in turn, taught me.  I’m no expert, but I pride myself on making some pretty good picks on the cheap!  So here goes…. 

I haven’t picked this up in a while, but I’ve got a bit of a jonesing for Villa Mt. Eden 2001 Pinot Noir.  This is an easy drinking wine, medium bodied, with a lot of fruit notes…but not so fruity it overpowers what you might pair it with (I love this with pasta in some kind of plum tomato sauce…something on the sweeter side).  You can still find this wine online for under $10. 

Here’s my brew pick of the week–Dogfish Head Chicory Stout.  I tried this last night after the Bedell Cellers event…this was YUMMY!!!!  Not a whole lot of nose, but once you sip it, the tastes of chocolate and coffee come through.  This almost leans more towards a porter taste…for those of you who like a dry stout–this is NOT the beer for you!

Wine me, dine me…

A couple of great wine events coming up this week–

I am so bummed I will be working at the library when this one is going on!  $15 per person gets you in to Corey Creek Vineyard’s wine and artisanal cheese pairing next Saturday!  Reservations required!

Also next Saturday, Raphael Vineyards hosts free jazz with Napoleon Revels-Bey Rhythm Kings Ensemble.

Mora’s and Jazz n’ Grapes will also have their usual FREE weekly wine tasting events as well!

While my guitar gently weeps…

And on to the music!  TONITE!!!  The Hard Luck Cafe presents Gretchen Witt and Denise Romas on the same bill…$10 gets you in!

Also tonite, the Harbor Crab proudly presents the Rhythm Kings Acoustic Duo!  The Rhythm Kings will be playing quite a bit this week in the local area…This coming Friday at Once and For All, and next Saturday at Grey Horse Tavern.

The Homegrown String Band will also be at the GHT next weekend!

Last Licks Cafe is proud to present Mike Agranoff next Saturday.  $15 door.

Yeah, I know, kind of a light week gig-wise!

Art farts…

Main Street Petite Gallery has Brilliant Disguise, a portait show, running right now.

This one’s for those who like to get their hands dirty…Art That Matters is holding a life drawing class on Tuesday…it’s a bit above guidelines at $20 per person, but if you like to draw, this might be right up your alley!  Reservations required.

Graphics, illustration, and advertising art fanatics, this one looks very cool!  Did you know there is a gallery that caters just to you?  Check out Giraffics Gallery!

Adelphi University’s Creative Cups exhibit to battle breast cancer is currently running…you should really check this out.  Save the ta-ta’s!!!

All for now…I’ll be back this week with more info!  Got a gig, event, suggestion, or comment?  Let me know at!


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