Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.-Zappa

March 14, 2009

The best of upcoming gigs, gallery exhibits, etc, will be right after this open letter from ME–

Okay, folks, I’m hopping up on my soapbox here to give you some info about the state of the economy and its impact on the arts:

A few weeks ago, I was up in Albany lobbying with the LI arts councils to try and keep our funding from being cut.  We weren’t asking for extra monies, we weren’t looking for special treatment.  All we asked was that our funding be cut proportionately with other special interest groups across the board.  Instead, on the way back, we recieved a call saying that NYS cut arts funding by $7 million.

This week, the County Executive’s office put out a press release stating that some of the monies would be restored at County level.  I noticed a glaring omission…the Brookhaven Arts and Humanities Council (of which I am a board member) was NOT on that list.  (I do their blog as well…check it out by clicking here.)  Now, I did NOT get this little bit of gossip from the BAHC, but thru the vast network of people I know, and apparently some people in politics have a beef with some people who USED to be on the board.  These people are long gone, but the grudge continues.  Without any funding, the BAHC will be unable to subsidize some of the other, smaller arts councils that are responsible for bringing you lots of the events I post here…like FREE movie nights at the parks, FREE concerts, and other low cost, family friendly happenings.

I am looking to organize a fundraiser to help keep the BAHC afloat.  I am asking the musicians and artists who find their names splashed across these posts to consider donating a gig or their skills (and I know it’s a tough economy and we would all like to get paid, but sometimes we have to bite the bullet, and one gig won’t make or break anyone!) as I am contemplating trying to get an open air concert/art show going.  I will be looking for all venues of music…from bluegrass to jam bands.  Email me at to find out where to send a demo.  Artists…I’m looking for you to share your craft–maybe you could teach a workshop; if your medium is too labor intensive, then maybe you would consider donating a percentage of your sales.  I want to create an event where people can bring a picnic basket, their kids, a date, whatever, and make a day of it.  I want to see the local hippies in their tie dye and hula hoops grooving to the jam bands.  I want it to be a day where artists from all over LI (and those who appreciate the arts) will celebrate our creative spirit.  Those of you who know me and are active in the arts world…rest assured, you will be hearing from me!

Let me have your thoughts, people!!!!

Wine me, dine me…

…get yer mind out of the gutter!  This is a strictly PG show I run here!

Mora’s Wines will be hosting a tasting of Osprey’s Dominion wines on Saturday, March 21, and will have live music as well.  As always, this event is FREE!  Also on Saturday, Jazz n Grapes will be hosting the Danny Wolf Trio and doing tastings…FREE!

There will be one last trolley tour of the wineries next weekend as well…I know, it’s over budget, but if you break it down, it’s 4 wineries and you don’t have to drive!  How cool is that?

I’m getting on my soapbox for one last statement.  Why are so many LI wineries pricing themselves out of the typical consumer’s price range?  I realize that it’s gotten much more expensive to produce wines, and that the wines have gotten significantly better.  However, it used to be that I was able to head on out with $20 in my pocket, go to a tasting, buy a bottle or two, and make a day of it.  Now I have to search for wine events that won’t cost a bundle.  The last time I went to a winery without checking for an event it ran my friend and I $30 for two tastings (granted, he got the ice wine which is always expensive…).  Add to that I can often find the wines local vintners are selling at a lower price at my neighborhood wine merchant.  I love my wine, and I love the wineries…please don’t price yourselves out of reach of us common folk!

Point and shoot

I just popped in to the  50 Years On The Front Lines:  Phillip Jones Griffiths Photographs exhibit at Briarcliffe College on my way out of the library today.  Karen Ferb and the rest of the Patchogue Arts Council did an amazing job on this show!  Kudos to you all!  These pictures vary from surreal to extremely graphic and disturbing.  This show is not for those with a sensitive stomach.  The one that particulaly struck me was one of an injured woman, face wrapped in bandages, with a charred arm bearing a tag of “VC FEMALE”.  War is hell, and this exhibit brings that point front and center.

Gallery 4222 has a new show called “The Playroom” and features works by Kevin A. Garcia, Owens, Roberto Perinuzzi, Stelios, Pedro A. Sousa, and Damon Tommolino.  I love the photo on the website…I will definitely have to check this out!

EXPO 28: International Juried Com Petition Winners Show at bj spoke gallery will be ending soon.  Don’t miss it!

Support up and coming artists!  Art-trium is hosting the High Arts Showcase V and features the best local young talent around.

Poetry jamz

Poetry is an art form that is hip and happening.  Spoken word, slam poets, and all forms of prose and verse are still an underground movement here on LI.  Like many open mics, it’s the artists who keep this going, and they are the ones who attend most of these events.  Do your part to keep this growing by either attending a jam or channeling your inner Shakespeare by attending a writing workshop!  Poetz is my source for finding out where these events will be held!

Speaking of open mics…

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Vicino last night.  Unfortunately, I was on my way out the door as I had to work today, and I was a bit loopy as I had two brews on an empty stomach.  He was playing at Bobbique and the band was tight!  Even sitting in the back room, I was able to tell that this group of musicians was “well seasoned”.   Joe runs open mics at Toomey’s Tavern…pop on down for some smoking blues!

(Note:  Great music, two dinners, and four brews ran $40…and one of those brews was $16-and worth it!  That was the bill at Bobbique last night.)

Cool Beanz has an open mic this Tuesday, $1 cover.  Also on Tuesday, Napper Tandy’s will be hosting one as well!

This Thursday, Acoustic Strings and Things will be at Mills Pond House…Original Voices at the Vail at the Vail-Leavitt Music Hall…and EB Elliots has an open mic as well.

This one is more of a workshop than an open mic…but everyone plays! Jazz in the Living Room is back! $5 to play, FREE to listen.

Guitar hero

Stuart Markus, probably the hardest working man on the LI music scene, will be playing Irish tunes at Union Station for St. Paddy’s Day.

Randall Williams will be at Our Times Coffeehouse this Friday…$15 door.

This Saturday will be rockin’!  FMSHNY’s Hard Luck Café series presents its second annual Island Songwriters Showcase concert featuring Frank Gambino, Jim Baron, Vincent Crici, Tim Dillon, David Bailey and Lois Morton. $10; $7 for members…Grand Folk Railroad will be at Perk Place Cafe…and Rhythm Kings Acoustic Duo (another band that seems to be everywhere) will perform at Grey Horse Tavern.

I know this is one long post, but I had a lot to get out there…Got a gig or an event that should be here?  Let me know at

Long live the LI arts scene!!!  Chat soon, you kooky cats!


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