Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.-Edison

March 31, 2009

I’m back, but WordPress is still twitchy, so we’ll see how far I get before I give up!  Scroll down to the previous post for the musical gigs for the week, and just look below for other Cheap Date ideas for this week!

By the way…no local job offers as of yet, but a few prospects in NYC…

I love a parade…

The Patchogue St. Pat’s Day Parade was postponed due to rain and will be held this Sunday, 4/5 at 2PM.  This is one of the big ones, and Brick House Brewery and Blue Point usually set up outside tents so you can enjoy a brew while watching the festivities.  Single ladies…there will be lots of men in kilts…and the weather report is saying slightly windy conditions, so be advised–those with a delicate sensibility may wish to avert their eyes!

Poets and pontificators

Unleash your inner writer!  There are poetry jams and writing workshops all over this Isle of Long!  You just have to know where to find them.  Many cater to special interests as well–women’s groups, Spanish speaking, youth…it’s all out there just waiting for YOU!  Click here to view the most recent calendar!

Hop to it!

I’ve gotten some complaints that I feature too much blues, folk, and acoustic jams on here and need to branch out a bit…so here goes!  LI is not exactly the bastion of the hip hop world, BUT since Brooklyn and Queens are part of LI (though they might not like to admit it!) I’ve found a link that lists hip hop gigs by day and place…if anyone happens to check any of these out, let me know if they are worth posting on a weekly basis!

My Latino friends, I haven’t forgotten about you! Some of my best memories involve salsa lessons after work at the Winner’s Circle.  Get your cha-cha on at one of the places I found on this site devoted to Latin dance halls on LI!  (Most of these places have a mixed crowd, 30’s and 40’s…all that matters is getting out there and dancing–and trust me, the dance floor usually packs in!  It doesn’t matter how good you are-or aren’t!)

Country lovers, you probably know about this place…but for a great night out, I’ve had more fun than I could possibly tell you at Matty T’s!  Expect to be grabbed by a local cowboy or cowgirl for the two-step!  Everyone dances!

Even rockers and metalheads have a venue to call their own!  Back in the day, there was a quaint nightclub called Sundance in Bayshore.  It was a cute little place that featured folk music…NOT!!!  Back in the day, Sundance was a place where people wore leather and spandex, spiked belts, and it was hard to tell who had bigger hair–the men or women!  Acts that played the old Sundance were as varied as Twisted Sister, Blue Oyster Cult, Keel, Manowar, Motorhead, and Cinderella (all of which I saw there).  Similar to the old L’Amour (still alive and kicking in Staten Island, believe it or not!), the NEW Sundance seems to be keeping it real by presenting live metal acts as well as cover bands (hey, they have to pay the bills somehow!), and could it be?!–attracting some of the very same clientele they had back in the 80’s!  (I’ve also heard that some of the clientele LOOKS exactly the same as they did in the 80’s, except older…)

Art farts

A few gallery shows that have come to my attention as of late–Tulla Booth’s “Love and Politics” photography exhibit…the Nassau County Museum of Art is featuring Babar’s Museum of Art, featuring the beloved children’s characters…and the Islip Art Museum presents Idea Lab–Women’s Studio Workspace–featuring female artists’ works on paper.

Take a hike!

The Long Island Greenbelt Association just updated their site to include the April calendar…hikes vary from easy to moderate.  Now’s the time to start getting out in the sunshine and start burning off those pounds most of us gained over the winter!

CRESLI’s seal walk hikes will be ending soon…don’t miss out!

Fire Island National Seashore will be hosting its Signs of Spring walking tour on April 11.  Reservations are required and this event fills up fast! However, there is still room for their Tea in the Lighthouse Keeper’s Quarters scheduled for April 4!

All for now, you kooky cats!  Have a gig or an event that should be featured here?  Let me know at cheapdateli@gmail.com!  Chat soon!


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