The holiday weekend is upon us, and I have some great happenings to let you know about–these are happening THIS WEEKEND, so don’t miss out!

The Brookhaven Fair at Bald Hill is running this weekend, with rides, games, and food–click here to get FREE admission tickets!  While you are there, make sure you check out the flea market that is also at Bald Hill, and pop on into the Gallery as well to see the Art Of Flowers exhibit!

Greenport is hosting an open air art show on the Village Green, and while you’re there, make a point of stopping into the Coronet, one of my favorite little diners with killer home fries; or Claudio’s, where the seafood is fried, the patrons are a mix of families and bikers (and I mean the motorcycle kind), and the environment is relaxed and fun.

Bellport Village will be having a Members Show at the Community Center, and a little birdie told me that some of the artists are very good…

Explore LI has recently updated their farmstand and farmer’s market page!  Many of them have just opened up for the year…what could be better than getting some fresh veggies to throw on the grill?  The prices are often lower than the supermarkets, the produce is often bigger and better, and you are supporting your local agricultural ecomomy!

Gallery North is exhibiting the works of Carolyn Fell: A Gardener’s World…

The Jones Beach Air Show is this weekend–get there early as this event always packs in!

Massapequa’s Craft Fair and Community Festival is running this weekend…LIRR station pakeing lot M5.

All for now…I’ll be back to post the coming events for next week in a day or two!  Have a great holiday, and take a moment to remember those who gave their lives for our liberty and freedom.  This is their holiday. 

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UGH!  I’m very tired and feel like poop today…I keep waking up in the middle of the night from these crazy dreams I’m having.  It’s bad enough to work six days a week (yes, even with the temp gig, I’m still working the crazy hours!), but to sleep less and less on the nights where I can’t sleep in the next day, well, I’m getting cranky!  I’ll have to cook myself into a happy place later…making a nice pizza rustica and enjoying it with a little bargain wine that I’ll let you in on…

Of grape and grain

My regular readers know I’m from the South Shore and frequent this great little shop called Houdek’s.  My wine cabinet was down to my two investment wines, and five bottles of “good stuff” that I am saving for a special occasion (i.e.; wines that I don’t often see at the stores but enjoyed at the vineyard, and are over my $12 a bottle rule–usually quite a bit over, like my Bedell’s 2006 Musee–and as I have no idea when I can get out to the vineyards to restock , well, you know what I mean) so it was time to “feed the beast” again.  As I am on a very tight budget right now with the temp gig, and I often cook with wine, I asked what they had that wouldn’t break the bank.  Bridgehampton Winery’s Chardonnay at $4.99 a bottle!  Considering it’s just a wee bit more than Three Buck Chuck and much tastier, this wine is a steal!   I gave this wine away at Christmas (along with the Merlot) and got raves from my friends (granted, some of them buy wine by the box).  Quantities are limited, so get down there NOW!

I also popped in at Beverage Central in Bayport and picked up a yummy new release from Southern Tier called Mokah.  A craft brew with heavy notes of chocolate and coffee, this would make for an outstanding float with vanilla ice cream (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!).

For a good cause

This weekend there are two great events I have gotten numerous emails about, and although one is above budget, please do your part to help!

From Mulcahey’s Wantaugh–Come down on this Sunday afternoon, May 17th, and help us raise money for Sophia’s cure. There will be free food, raffles and live music all afternoon. Admission is $25 and it’s from 2pm to 7pm. Please come down and help us raise money for this little girl.

On Saturday the 16th there is a book fair fundraiser to benefit PMYCS, a not for profit agency that has been servicing the Patchogue– Medford community since 1982. 9-5.  390 Bay Avenue, Patchogue, NY 11772.

I kid you not

The BAHC and the Mt. Sinai Heritage Center present a Family Fun Day this Sunday with storyteller Heather Forest, board games, races, food, and more!  The best part is this event is FREE, and if you are there late enough, you can say hi to me, as I’m working the afternoon shift!

I wear my art on my sleeve

There will be an Artists’ Gathering this Sunday at the Brookhaven Arts Council’s Gallery on the Hill.  Bring a piece of art to be critiqued and meet other local artists.

Stringing me along

It’s a pretty light week music wise, but I’ll post what I was able to come up with.  

This Thursday, Original Voices at the Vail features The Reinhardts, preceded by an open mic, $5 gets you in.

Also Thursday, Strings n’ Things Open Mic Night  presented by the Smithtown Township Arts Council, at the Mills Pond House.  FREE.

On Friday, Hank Stone is joined by Todd Evans for A Pagan Place House Concert in South Huntington. Contact for more information and reservations.

Saturday, Rhythm Kings Acoustic Duo will be at fatfish in Bayshore.

Heard it thru the grapevine

Corey Creek Vineyards and Bedell Vineyards will be hosting live music next weekend.  This event is FREE, but tastings vary from $5-15.

All for now…it’s a pretty light week, but the following week is shaping up to be jam packed with Cheap Dates!  Chat soon, you kooky cats…and for those of you know me personally, you’ll find this amusing.

Somehow I think I must be related to one of these ladies!

Somehow I think I must be related to one of these ladies!

Well, I started the temp gig this week and it’s great–the staff is wonderful, I like the work.  If I could only get more hours, life would be grand!  Not to say I haven’t been busy this week…I’m still recovering from bronchitis and a sinus infection, it was finals week at the college, AND I sold another article…but I made a point of getting out to Acoustic Long Island this week, and worked the Live in the Lobby show.  If you went to either, you know that this week’s performances were outstanding to say the least!  ALI featured Colin McGrath and Chris Trapper–Colin’s music was sweet, the lyrics witty, his percussionist was AMAZING (I was sitting right behind him and all I have to say is WOW!), and he was a treat to watch from right up front.  I wish I had brought my camera!  Chris Trapper, however, is now on my faves list!  His music was just plain out hilarious…I’m bummed that I started feeling woozy during the first set and had to move outside and watch from the porch (between being sick and the heat in there, I almost passed out!).  If you have the chance to see him, GO!  The sing-alongs and the revelry of geek-to-chicdom (of which I can relate!) make this performer a must see!  (By the way, Chris, if you do end up reading this…I too have met Ron Jeremy…)

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of seeing Mambo Loco–another band I have every intention of seeing again!  Their classic mambo music had the audience up and dancing (too bad that the cheap wine I was drinking snuck up on me–my low tolerance as of late resulted in my twisting my ankle!).  If you want to hear music that just screams, “It’s summer–hand me a mojito!”, this is THE band to see!

When I hear music…

Not a lot of gigs this week, but the ones I found are high quality and worth checking out!  I’ve seen every single one of these acts and have to say if I am feeling better, it’s going to be another busy week for Miss Chris!

On Tuesday, we kick off the week with two great open mics–one at Cool Beanz, and the one hosted by Dave March of Miles to Dayton at Once and For All (go there to listen to some great music, come back for the killer beer selection!).

Wednesday at Bobbique (another place with probably the largest craft beer selection I have ever seen) is a great gig with the Jim Moran Band, Pam Betti, Ed Terry, and Ed the Hat.  All very talented musicians, to be sure–but add great food, craft brews, and a very affordable price point…this is a great place for a Cheap Date!

Thursday night finds a great open mic at Toomey’s Tavern hosted by Joe Vicino; the Canvas open mic is also running this week, $5 gets you in!

Friday–I did let you all know about Roy Book Binder at BNL last post, but there’s another great gig going on that I was remiss in not adding last week–The Brooklyn Folk Festival at Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook, Brooklyn!  $10 for a day pass, $25 for the entire event!

Saturday has me all confused–which great gig to go to?  Caroline Doctorow will be at the Southampton Publick House; the Folk Music Society of Huntington’s Hard Luck Café series presents Bob Westcott’s First Annual Spring Fling. Featured artists are David Bailey, Return to the Dream, and Princess Peapod, $10 door; the Rhythm Kings Acoustic Duo will be playing in my neck of the woods at Grey Horse Tavern; and Nancy Sirianni and Mike Nugent play a mix of originals and blues at Peconic Bay Winery.

In wine is truth…

There are a couple of wine events worth checking out this week.  Twilight Thursdays at Wolffer Vineyard hosting the Dennis Raffelock Jazz Duo…no cover, pay by the glass; Corey Creek Vineyard will be hosting an artist’s reception for Roxie Shepish on Saturday with wine and hors d’oeuvres;  and Castello de Borghese will be hosting guided tours and Rose tastings (reservations required) with monies raised going towards cancer research.

Dog days

As I had just mentioned Castello de Borghese, I’d also like to mention that all you dog lovers have something to look forward to next weekend!  The Cutchogue Canine Classic, which is all about having a good time!

Calling all artists!

The Brookhaven Arts Council has an open call for their upcoming exhibit The Art of Flowers.  No matter the medium, whatever your bloom, show the world your version of flowers as art.  Drop off is May 18, with a reception May 31st.  Call 631-451-9070 for more information.

Birds of a feather

The North Fork Audubon Society is hosting a bird migration marathon on May 16, with prizes to be given for the most identified species.  Registration is required.

Crazy train

The Long Island Live Steamers are back with their public run days!  If you’re a train or model enthusiast, get yourself over to Southaven Park on May 17.  Meet other enthusiasts, and take a train ride!

We’re growing…

My little blog that I started writing for friends less than a year ago keeps growing and growing…I get emails from bands who find themselves on here, bands who would like to find themselves on here, people who touch base when I goof (which I am proud to say is not often!), wineries, Meet-Up groups, you name it!  I try my best to get everyone mentioned on here at least once in a while, but if you’ve ever blogged or maintained a website, you know there’s never enough hours in the day!  So my apologies to those who don’t find themselves on here…do me a favor–email me several times, as I get a lot of emails and it’s hard to get through them all!  Remember, this is for gigs and events that are (mostly) $30 and under for two people, original singers/songwriters, artists, mom and pop eateries, local fundraisers and the like.  It’s all about keeping it local!  Follow us on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a post, and a shout out to some of our followers:  The New York Observer, Long Island Press, The New York Film Academy, AntiHamptons, The Blues Underground, and the Queens Museum of Art! (Plus a quick “Howdy!” to Paula and Jessica…nice to see I’m not Twittering alone!)

Email me your comments, etc., at!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Hooray for me!  My last day at the day job was yesterday, but I got a temp gig doing web design/IT for the next ten weeks that pays more than unemployment…AND I sold another article this week…so at least it’s a reprieve from facing the summer not working and having to tackle all the tasks I start off doing and never finish… like painting my apartment, caulking the tub, putting new tile in the entry and kitchen, and cleaning the crystal chandelier.  Being divorced means having no one to hand the “honey-do” list over to…and I’d rather be out enjoying the warm weather with good food and good friends!  So, let me jump right in and list some of the things you may just find me doing this week!  Hey, the college semester is ending and I don’t have to be at the library, so I have every intention of getting out and having fun!

Guitar hero

I never realized that there is a LI Fingerstyle Guitar Club!  They will be running an open mic this Wednesday at the Westbury Friends Meeting House, $10 gets you in.  If you have never seen someone play fingerstyle guitar, try to get to this event…I was blown away the first time I heard it, and still love it today!

TONIGHT!  One incredible concert event that (I believe) has tickets still available is “For Pete’s Sake-Sing!” in honor of Pete Seger’s 90th birthday.  This is a WORLD-WIDE coodinated effort to celebrate Seger’s contributions to music and peace.  A bit over budget, the FMSHNY’s First Saturday concert features incredible acts such as James O’Malley, Work O’ the Weavers, Gathering Time, Denise Romas and more!

Toby Walker will be at Grounds and Sounds this Friday…$15 at the door.

Tomorrow, May 3–Mary Lamont will be at the Fleece Festival at Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn…$6 for adults, $2 for kids and this promises to be a great event for the whole family!

On May 9, Abi Tapia will be at the Eclectic Cafe as will the Red River Ramblers…$10 gets you in. Bring a non-perishable food item to donate to charity when you go!

Buy your tickets in advance for Roy Book Binder at Brookhaven Labs on May 15.  Advance tix are $15, but will be $20 at the door.

Acoustic Long Island is back this week with Colin McGrath and and Chris Trapper…and as always, this great event is FREE! 

Get your Cinco de Mayo on with your favorite red-headed blogger (me) at the Patchogue Theatre and enjoy the classic Latin sounds of Mambo Loco.  $10 at the door, and sorry, no Coronas!  We have better–Blue Point

A horse, of course…

Old Field Farm Summer Equestrian Horse Show Series presents Long Island PHA from May 8-10.  Call (631) 246-8983 for more information.

Courting the jester

The Heritage Center at Mount Sinai and the Brookhaven Arts and Humanities Council present Cafe Fridays at the Heritage Center featuring Courting the Jester–A Salute to Danny Kaye. Bob Spiotto brings Danny Kaye to life and “plays” tribute in story and song to one of the world’s best loved entertainers. A merry musical biography not to be missed. Admission for each show is $10 advance, $12 at the door. For further information, call the Heritage Center at 631-509-0882, or the Brookhaven Arts and Humanities Council at 631-451-9070.

Birds of a feather

Special International Migratory Bird Program: How and Why Birds Sing–7:30PM at the Red House Nature Center in Inlet Pond County Park in Greenport. Ever wonder why some birds stop singing after nesting or how birds learn their songs? Join the Avian Naturalist for the Mashomack Preserve, Tom Damiani, for a fascinating discussion on these topics and more presented by the North Fork Audobon Society. Please contact for more information.

Seal of approval

CRESLI (Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Island) will lead a seal walk that is approximately 1 mile round trip and takes about 2 hours. Walks are suitable for children. Walks will depart from the area near the fence at the western end of the parking lot at Cupsogue. Meeting times are 15 minutes prior to departure. Weather will play a role in determining schedule changes and cancellations. Reservations are required. Please call (631) 244-3352 for more information or visit their website to make reservations.

Art farts

The Art-trium has an exhibit called Living Space…bj spoke hosts a reception May 3 for the Long Island Craft Guild…Starting May 9, the Mills Pond House will be showing “The Artist Next Door”… the Staller Galleries have a variety of student exhibits not to be missed…and the Nassau County Museum of Art presents “Facing Destiny-Children in European Portraiture“.

A rose by any other name…

Waters Crest Winery is hosting their Rose and food pairing demo on May 10, call ahead for reservations, $10 gets you in.  For every bottle of Rose sold, $1 gets donated to cancer research.

Mora’s and Jazz n’ Grapes are doing their usual FREE tastings next weekend as well! 

The cheese factor

Summer Camp Cinema is BACK!  Don’t miss out on some of the campiest, cheesiest films around! 

All for now, you kooky cats!  Have something that should be here?  Email me at!  We’re also on Twitter…become a follower so you get all the latest updates!