Money can’t buy happiness, but neither can poverty.-Rosten

August 20, 2009

nablo09.90x33 I swear, I haven’t been slacking off–I start a new job Monday (BTW–if anyone is looking for employees, I will be the new Career Services representative for a local college), I’m fixing up my apartment and doing the massive purge (most things never made it to the curb–neighbors saw me walking out with rugs, etc., and took them right out of my arms, so it’s nice to know they found good homes!), and getting ready to go back to grad school.  Add turning FORTY last week on to that, my computer deciding it didn’t like the Corel program I installed, and slicing open my finger while cutting veggies, well, let’s just say I needed a few days to get my life back in order!  When I saw this, I had to laugh:

SourceCode This is going to be my new favorite saying, I think.  As I am toeing the line between normal person and geek, (okay, maybe not NORMAL, but let’s just say I’m no programmer, but darn good on a computer) and the first thing I ask other techie people for is the source code when working on projects, I must get this T-shirt!  And, to all you techie people out there, seriously, wouldn’t it though?

On another tech oriented note, I changed up the blog skin.  Let me know if I should keep it or go back to the previous one, thanks!  And now, without further delay…Cheap Dates, woohoo!!!!

(BTW, all, I am also going to start including other money saving info here on the blog…like scholarship info for students, affordable housing, and other great bits of info that come my way.  Why, you ask?  Well, I know it doesn’t exactly fill the $30 and under credo I built this site on, but if you are budget minded, you’ll probably really appreciate being able to find the info.  Add to that Miss Chris knows lots and lots of people who keep her updated when new things and programs come out, as everyone knows Miss Chris prides herself on being frugal and fabulous!)

Play it again!

I have to say that barring a washout Saturday, most likely you will be finding me at one of these gigs:  Larry Moser and Mary Nagin play old-time music at Old Bethpage Village Restoration both Saturday and Sunday this week. $10 gets you in. On Saturday, the Off Key Tikki will be playing host to a Miss Chris fave, Mambo Loco (and considering that I can walk there, this one’s got a definite edge!)

It’s that most wonderful time of the year…

It’s not just the return to school that beckons (though if you are are a fireman or EMS, there are scholarships available to you–click here for more info), but the arrival of pumpkin brews available at your local beverage center!  Grab a glass, dip the edge in some lemon juice and coat the rim in a sugar and cinnamon mixture and bring on the Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale! Fall is right around the corner!

Wine me, dine me…

This Friday, Norstar Global Imports will be hosting a free Spanish wine tasting event at Varietal Wines & Spirits in Manhasset, and at F and W in Central Islip.  On the first Sundayof every month, Castillo di Borghese hosts an in-depth chat about one of the many great books of today with Anna Katsavos, Ph.D. and Professor of Literature at S.U.N.Y., Nassau Community College.  Arrive early and indulge in a glass of Borghese wine, while mingling with other book lovers until the chat begins at 1PM. Reservations requested. $20 includes a glass of wine, cheese and crackers. Package special: all six sessions for $100.

Rock the boat!

This weekend brings us to the incredible Battle on the Bay, where offshore racing is at its best!  See the Miss Geico, local fave Strictly Business and others starting this Friday on Patchogue’s Main Street, and don’t miss the antique boat display when you are there.  Have dinner at my fave, Gallo Tropical; my honey’s fave, Bobbique, or one of the many other restaurants along Patchogue’s new Restaurant Row!

WordPress is acting twitchy, so I’ll call it a night!  Chat soon, you kooky cats!


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