Sorry folks!  Been going through some personal drama lately…apparently, some places would rather have Section 8 than people who pay their rent on time via bank check…it seems that collecting EFT’s is easier than worrying whether those of us on the up and up will pay our rent on time.  (Not that I have anything against people who need help.  I have a problem with places that start off as “luxury communities” and then push out those of us they worry they might have to chase after…if you are a FB “friend” you know my story…) Needless to say, I am moving by March and that may put this blog in a place in my life where it will take back stage to the things I need to do.  Pity…I like my place.  But the good thing is I am moving back to the bay into a larger apartment and back by my friends!  Enough about me–let’s get into some Cheap Date ideas!

When I hear music…

…it makes me dance!  Yes, I am one of those fools who shakes her booty when good music is played.  Doesn’t matter what it is…if I like it, I get my groove on!  Tonite was Live in the Lobby meets Red Cross to raise money for the Haitian earthquake victims…lots of great bands, and I got to chat up a gentleman I am a huge fan of, James O’Malley!  After giving him grief about how he doesn’t update his gigs often enough on the Web and giving him my card, let’s hope I have some info from him being emailed in soon so I can tell you all where he is playing.  (BTW, what a nice guy!)  James…I see the Historical Society and Last Licks…how about some smaller gigs?!  (I’ll add these to the blog as the dates get closer!)

Anyhow, I’m going to update to include next week’s gigs.  I admit freely that I root through other websites to find gigs, but sadly, not a lot going on for the next week.  However, I am totally thrilled that Gathering Time will be playing the Patchogue Theatre along with Six Gun next Thursday!  Anyone who follows the blog knows I am also a big fan of GT…do not miss this show!  I’ve seen both live and can tell you these are two bands worth seeing! (And hey…what’s going on?  I can’t pull links to either of the bands?  I’m posting a link to the Lobby show, but if you both have new URL’s, shoot me an email and let me know!  And Stu…could you play a chantey for me?  I may be moving back to the bay, but I need a bay chantey NOW!)


Homer Simpson had it right.  Beer is good.  Living within walking  (stumbling?) distance of Blue Point Brewery and the Brick House means I get to sample fabulous microbrews on a regular basis.  However, I do like to sample other beer from time to time and for some reason, two holiday brews that would normally be sold out by now are still available:  Krampus for you hop-heads, and Mad Elf for those who like warmers.  Get thee to a beverage center ASAP and don’t miss out!  Krampus pairs well with chicken and seafood (i.e. sushi, wings) and Mad Elf is a great brew to pair with gamey foods or as an aperitif.  Note:  both have high alcohol contents, so make it a night in if you are going to enjoy these!

And another brew worth sampling is Monks Blood…DO NOT even consider shotguns even though this yummy brew comes in cans!  This is a sipping brew, I’m not sure if it’s technically a porter, but WOW!  It reminds me of some cask aged Imperial Stouts…lots of flavors here, and a good transition beer for the people in your life who drink wine and say, Guinness, who you’d like to introduce to the world of microbrews.  Again, not for light weights!

Wine me, dine me…

Get yer mind out of the gutter!  You men are all alike!  (And yes, I do know that most of my readers are male!)  However, wine is something that appeals to both genders, and if you’ve noticed, I do like things that aren’t on the dry side…give me hearty food and a beverage that can accompany it, and I am one happy girl!  Lately, I’ve been drinking whites (my stomach just can’t handle the reds after I hit the big 4-0!).  I like wines that have a bit more…body?  Is that the right word?  Flavor?  I’m not sure how to phrase it.  I’ve never been a fan of anything with a lot of mineral taste to it, but Clean Slate Riesling is a sweet, yet understated wine with a strong mouth feel and clean finish that can pair with most foods and hold its own.  I even pair this with steak…and thank you, Lori, for turning me on to this!  (You may have to search for this one, but if you need some resources, shoot me an email.)

All for now…I’ll be back in about a week to update you on some other Cheap Date ideas, etc., and so on.  Have something that should be here?  Let me know at  All for now, you kooky cats!


Be back soon!

January 5, 2010

Due to the holiday season, and the start of a new semester, I will be back on January 18 (unless I have some time before then!)  Happy New Year!