Before I update y’all on some great Halloweenie things to do, I am going to take a stand against something that is REALLY ticking me off.  Why is it that some people feel that their beliefs, etc., are the ones that are the most correct, and will resort to email bullying to push their point?  Let me explain:

I recently expressed my opinion about an event that I felt was a bit too “biased” in terms of pushing one particular religion, especially as the event itself is NOT a religious event, not even close.  I am now being inundated with emails pushing God (the one that gets capitalized, not the concept that is the base of many theologies) and painting those of us who don’t agree with this view as atheists.  I am not an atheist or an agnostic.  I am, however, spiritual and believe that there are many different kinds of people and that religion is not a “one-size-fits-all” proposition.  I was raised Catholic and minored in Theology for my first degree, and believe first and foremost that the holiday season is a time of many religious celebrations and ALL should be given the same amount of respect and exposure.  For someone to threaten to withhold financial backing of a commercial event so that they can push their religious agenda to me is blind to the world around them. And to paint me with a brush of the wrong color is ignorant, at best.  (As an FYI, I will be celebrating Christmas at home with family and friends, and I do have a creche…and I will also be celebrating Hanukkah, Eid-al-Adha, and Kwanzaa with friends, and Diwali has already passed.)

Pfffttt!  I think someone needs to read Smith’s “The Religions of Man”.

And, I’m off the soapbox now…

It’s almost Halloween weekend, and if you don’t have your costume and plans yet, it’s not too late…you do have options!

Need a costume in a hurry?  Check out this list of shops for something that goes beyond the typical store bought varieties.

Friday night–I know I mentioned the boat burning at the Maritime Museum in a previous post, but it really is worth  checking out.  For $5 per person and kids under 12 FREE…well, this is a great family bargain.

Saturday is Halloween…and I’m sure everyone will be busy checking out the costumes on all the boys and ghouls that come a-knocking, but if you’re in the mood for something a bit more grown up, the Cinema Arts Center will be hosting a costume party and doling out a douple dollop of Vincent Price for $12 per person.

Sunday features a very special Live in the Lobby with the CD release party for Katie Pearlman.  $10 gets you in.

It’s time for me to sign off, so I’ll be back in just a few days with more great Cheap Dates…chat soon!


As promised, this edition is dedicated to all things Halloween-ie!  (I may include some gigs and such if I don’t run out of time while writing this…)

Ooooh, spooky…

I’m going to cheat a bit here and lift some info that is already out on another website…Long Island Haunted Houses is a site that lists, well, all the haunted houses here on LI (I’m talking about the ones with the actors here, not the ones that you’d find on Ghost Hunters).

Speaking of Ghost Hunters, there are a lot of people who really enjoy researching the paranormal…I get to hear many of the stories as I research folklore as a hobby.  Long Island Oddities has pages dedicated to the strange stories that are attributed to many abandoned or historic sites, as well as UFO sightings, the Montauk Project, and more.

Pumpkins, cornstalks, and more

There’s little I like better than dressing up my deck in the colors of the season.  Mums and astors, pumpkins and cornstalks…find them all here at Pick Your Own.

American Pie

Nothing says Fall like pie…and no one makes pies quite like Briermere Farms!  Take a road trip and pick up one of these delectable delights, and get your holiday orders in NOW!

A little this ‘n’ that

No party?  No problem!  There are still plenty of things to do on Halloween…just click here for a list!

Well, here come the students for tonight’s workshop…gotta run!  Have an event that should be here?  Email me at…chat soon, you kooky cats!

Another night covering the library.  I can’t complain…the money is good, it’s pretty easy work, and considering I came down with a killer cold this weekend and am just recovering now, I’m really grateful I’m not teaching tonight.  I’ve been home most of the weekend, enjoying my fireplace while nursing a glass of wine in my jammies and watching movies while having the cat shiatsu take care of my aching shoulders.  I’ve kept the lights out so my Peeping Tom can’t see too much (though he WAS in his underwear, sitting on his floor and looking in my window yet again Saturday night), and caught up on some much needed rest, so in another day or two, I will be back on the horse and ready to start living large on a tiny budget once more!

Hold me…I’m scared!

No kidding–I’m horrified!  Proclaimed to be one of the worst movies of all time, Troll 2 has developed a cult following and will be the featured film at this week’s Theatre of the Wild at the Cinema Arts Centre.  I just wish I wasn’t working late that night!

If you can’t make it Wednesday night, there are plenty of really bad horror flicks out there that are worth checking out!  Save yourself the Blockbuster fees and get yourself to your nearest library…believe it or not, many have a wide selection of movies available, and can do an ILL (inter-library loan) if you find that the movie you want is not at your branch.  My picks for some really fun bad movies:  look for anything by George Romero, Ed Wood, or produced in the 80’s.

Sing me a song…

It seems to be a quiet week gig-wise (however, that could be because certain musicians don’t post their gigs on their websites–come on, folks!  If you want to be seen, you have to update your sites!  If you are desperate and a complete luddite, start a blog…all you do is type, publish, and then email a link out to people so they can be kept up on your latest and greatest!  I REALLY should do a workshop on this sometime…) but the gigs I have found look really good–quality over quantity is always my preference!

This Thursday, catch a Miss Chris fave–Gathering Time is playing the Dine Huntington Outdoor Promenade…Wall Street, FREE!

This Friday, Tom Chapin performs at the Our Times Coffeehouse, 8PM, $15.  Also, Finch Mountain House Concerts features Terence Martin and Dan Bonis (with Ken Korb opening). For reservations and directions, call 631-661-1278. Potluck supper at 7PM followed by 8PM concert. $20 suggested donation per person.

This Saturday, catch Jenee Halstead and James O’Malley at the Hard Luck Cafe...$10 gets you in. Or catch the Rhythm Kings Acoustic Duo at one of my favorite places, the Grey Horse Tavern…

And rounding out the week on Sunday, University Cafe presents Willie Nile…don’t miss this show!  $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

(I’m really hoping my schedule lightens up again…my poor guitar has been relegated to a corner and has been untouched for the better part of a year now…I’d like to go back to taking lessons again!  However, methinks this time it won’t be with some 20 year old trying to teach me in the local music store where people who know me are walking around and making fun of me!)

Wine me, dine me…

…get yer mind out of the gutter!  And again, I must bitch and complain…why, oh, why are all the vineyards pricing their events way out of the budgets of most normal folk?  It really makes me crazy when I see event prices of $100 and up!  There’s a reason I only feature the same vineyards and wineries on this site again and again–they cater to the working class pocketbook.  I make a pretty decent living, and have been known to spend some serious coin on a wine if I feel it’s worth it.  However, I think I’m going to repost a link that’s been on this site before…Wine Spectator’s online courses are well reviewed and come in at well under the cost of tastings at most of the local vineyards.  Grab some friends, head on over to Swiftway for a few decent bottles, and make a night of it.

I’ve got an art on for you…

Okay…I KNOW it’s a really bad pun…but those who know me know I have a bawdy at best, and crude at worst sense of humor!  Sorry!  Anyhow, a couple of things worth checking out…the Heckscher Museum has a few new exhibits, and the Phoenix Gallery in Bellport just installed a new show this week…

All for now…next post will feature all things Halloweenie, so check back soon!  Have something that should be here?  Email me at…chat soon, you kooky cats!

Well, it’s been a while…I started a new job that keeps me insanely busy, so it’s been hard to find the time to post updates.  I’m either going to do one big monthly post or bring on an intern, build a full fledged site and grow this thing into what it really can be.  Ugh…decisions!

Anyhow, let me get right to some of the great things that are going on around this Isle of Long, and forgive me if it takes a while for me to post again…

Ooooh, spooky!

Anyone who knows me knows that this is my favorite time of the year, with fall festivals, corn mazes, and haunted houses all around…and here’s a list of my picks–please note that many of the websites have coupons on them for less trafficked days/nights, so make sure you look for them!

Haunted houses

Darkside in Wading River has a kiddie version during the day, and a grown up version in the evenings…I went for opening night and they were still getting into the groove of things, so give it a week or so…

Mills Pond House…one of the scariest in Suffolk County!  Art gallery by day, and terror fest at night.  Make a point of seeing both sides of this historic home!

The Bayville Haunted Fire House has been around for eighteen years for good reason.  Do yourself a favor and get there early or you may find yourself waiting on line for up to two hours!

Schmitt’s Farm in Melville has both a corn maze and a haunted house…again, be advised that lines can be very long!

…and a boat burning!

The Sayville Maritime Museum has one of the most bizarre Halloween events around–every year, they select a boat that is too damaged to restore and set it on fire.  This takeoff of a Viking funeral attracts young and old alike.

Pumpkin picking and more…

Just because there’s a nip in the air doesn’t mean it’s time to quit the farmstands!  In fact, this is the BEST time of year to get locally grown fruits and veggies, pumpkins, cornstalks and more!  Many farmstands also carry locally baked goods as well these days, so make a point of checking out the best of local agriculture by clicking here!

For our furry friends

Several service providers of veterinary care, grooming supplies and more have banded together to help our furbabies weather the economic uncertainty.  Click here to learn more.

Across the universe

This Thursday, don’t miss Lennon in the Lobby, a one of a kind event featuring the best of LI’s original singer/songwriters performing songs by John Lennon.

All for now…let’s hope my schedule lightens up soon!

My apologies folks…I know it’s been some time.  I started a new job, turned forty, and have been looking for a new place to live as my apartment complex has suddenly been overrun by a cavalcade of freaks, including a guy who sits on the floor in his underwear and watches me, the new people next door who party like rock stars, curse incessantly, and smoke so much pot I can’t imagine how they function, and the woman who picks through my trash all the time.  A few years back, and I would have just laughed it off, but I think I’m getting cantankerous at my (middle) age!

Seriously, is it just me getting older?  I no longer enjoy listening to music where I feel I am being screamed at (and anyone who knew me back in the day knows I was a huge metalhead and punk fan…and we’re not talking Poison or Warrant, but Suicidal Tendencies, early Ramones and Metallica, Motorhead, the Buzzcocks, etc.), but now prefer bluegrass and folk (Cat Stevens, anyone?), White Castles at 2AM on the way back from L’Amour East in Queens has now been replaced by organic veggies at 7PM and in bed by 10, and Pabst Blue Ribbon out of a keg has been replaced by rieslings and viogniers from local vineyards.  Having a place to crash (usually on the floor) after a night of pubcrawling was a beautiful thing not too many years back…now high thread counts and a fireplace are what I want after a night out.

CRAP!  Not only am I getting old, I’m turning into my parents!  MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

Nah, I gotta say, getting older has its perks…people take you more seriously, usually there’s a bit more money in the bank than when we were younger, and we know so much more.  For the most part, I’m enjoying life a whole lot more now than I did when I was younger.  Granted, my jeans don’t fit quite the same as they used to, and I have to work out and watch everything I eat, take medication every day, and do what I can to fight the aging process, but I have to say, life is good.  And on that note…on to some Cheap Date ideas for those of us who aren’t teenagers anymore, but still like to have a good time!

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle…

This is a plea to anyone out there looking for companionship, or considering starting a family and want to start with a pet before taking the plunge and having a baby, or may want to add to their family.  Patchogue Animal Hospital at (631) 475-5110 has a number of kittens that need good homes.  In this economy, people are abandoning their pets in large numbers as they can no longer afford to feed them.  Won’t you do your part and open up your heart and home to a new furbaby?  Email me directly at if you would like to see pictures of the kitties.

Wine me, dine me…

Like wine?  Like rockabilly? Would you like to enjoy both at the same time?  Jason’s Vineyard will be featuring the music of the Long Island Hornets on September 19…I think you’ll probably be finding me at this event!

One of my faves, Mora’s, will be hosting a tasting of Martin-Scott’s portfolio from 3-6PM, also on the 19th.

Looking for a wine boutique that offers something other than the usual Bogle and Yellow Tail?  Quench is a cute little shop (and I’m lucky enough to be able to walk to it!) that has many unusual wines and hosts tastings on a frequent basis.  One little gem I have tried out recently and plan on going back to buy once my paycheck clears is Clean Slate Riesling.  This wine is both sweet and dry, but not overpowering or cloying.  Pair this with Chinese food, barbequed pork or chicken, or a salad that’s a bit more than veggies (say with some kind of stinky cheese, nuts, grilled meats, fruit, and the like).

Speaking of stinky cheese, take a road trip out to Mattituck and visit the Village Cheese Shoppe.  They currently have a Chimay Grand Cru that smells pretty bad, but tastes oh, so good!  Mild, with a very slight beer taste, this cheese also had a bit of a nutty flavor like a Swiss, and a soft texture that made it a perfect pairing with crackers.  Next trip, I’m planning on picking up the mascarpone/Maytag Bleu that I saw in the case…

Love will rock you…

And so it begins…the autumn brings us back to all sorts of acoustic jams and shows that shouldn’t be missed.  Starting this Thursday, Live in the Lobby is back with their “world’s oldest boy bands night (just check the website)–say hi as I take your money or bust your horns as you try to sneak out with a beer!

Gathering Time and Lucky 13 open the season this Friday for the Our Times Coffeehouse, at the Ethical Humanist Society building, 38 Old Country Road, Garden City. 8PM, $15.

Also, this Friday, The Grascals play the YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts. 8PM. $15; $10 for members.

Next Saturday, there are two great shows to chooses from:

Fourteen Feet plays acoustic roots rock at RS Jones, 153 Merrick Avenue, Merrick. 7:30PM.

Rough Folk–Hank Stone, Todd Evans and Mike Christian play Homegrown Café at 300 Terryville Road, Port Jefferson Station. 8PM, $5 cover.

Avast, ye mateys!

Greenport is definitely a place to be for the upcoming weekend…with both the Maritime Festival and a Gallery Walk, how could you go wrong?  Pirates, live music, art, and boats?  Count me in!!!

The Un-Hamptons

I have to say, I’ve been saddened by the influx of high end shops that have taken over the East End.  I’ve been heading out east since I was a kid for the beaches, the salt air, and the rugged, rustic beauty of life in towns full of maritime history.  The crowds, the glitterati, and the fact it’s hard to find a place that sells a good ol’ cup of joe for under two dollars have really turned me off.  Give me a place where I can go in ripped jeans, a sweatshirt, baseball cap and Birkenstocks and walk around a quaint town with a funky little Main Street, an arts scene, live music, and can grab a glass of wine and a bowl of bisque for under $20, and you’ll find me there!  Check out some of these great little places while the leaves are turning and it’s still nice enough to be outside:  Bellport Village, Patchogue Village, Sayville, Stony Brook, Bayshore, Brightwaters, Freeport, Northport, and Port Washington.

All for now, you kooky cats…I’m back on a schedule now, so keep checking back for more Cheap Dates!

nablo09.90x33 I swear, I haven’t been slacking off–I start a new job Monday (BTW–if anyone is looking for employees, I will be the new Career Services representative for a local college), I’m fixing up my apartment and doing the massive purge (most things never made it to the curb–neighbors saw me walking out with rugs, etc., and took them right out of my arms, so it’s nice to know they found good homes!), and getting ready to go back to grad school.  Add turning FORTY last week on to that, my computer deciding it didn’t like the Corel program I installed, and slicing open my finger while cutting veggies, well, let’s just say I needed a few days to get my life back in order!  When I saw this, I had to laugh:

SourceCode This is going to be my new favorite saying, I think.  As I am toeing the line between normal person and geek, (okay, maybe not NORMAL, but let’s just say I’m no programmer, but darn good on a computer) and the first thing I ask other techie people for is the source code when working on projects, I must get this T-shirt!  And, to all you techie people out there, seriously, wouldn’t it though?

On another tech oriented note, I changed up the blog skin.  Let me know if I should keep it or go back to the previous one, thanks!  And now, without further delay…Cheap Dates, woohoo!!!!

(BTW, all, I am also going to start including other money saving info here on the blog…like scholarship info for students, affordable housing, and other great bits of info that come my way.  Why, you ask?  Well, I know it doesn’t exactly fill the $30 and under credo I built this site on, but if you are budget minded, you’ll probably really appreciate being able to find the info.  Add to that Miss Chris knows lots and lots of people who keep her updated when new things and programs come out, as everyone knows Miss Chris prides herself on being frugal and fabulous!)

Play it again!

I have to say that barring a washout Saturday, most likely you will be finding me at one of these gigs:  Larry Moser and Mary Nagin play old-time music at Old Bethpage Village Restoration both Saturday and Sunday this week. $10 gets you in. On Saturday, the Off Key Tikki will be playing host to a Miss Chris fave, Mambo Loco (and considering that I can walk there, this one’s got a definite edge!)

It’s that most wonderful time of the year…

It’s not just the return to school that beckons (though if you are are a fireman or EMS, there are scholarships available to you–click here for more info), but the arrival of pumpkin brews available at your local beverage center!  Grab a glass, dip the edge in some lemon juice and coat the rim in a sugar and cinnamon mixture and bring on the Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale! Fall is right around the corner!

Wine me, dine me…

This Friday, Norstar Global Imports will be hosting a free Spanish wine tasting event at Varietal Wines & Spirits in Manhasset, and at F and W in Central Islip.  On the first Sundayof every month, Castillo di Borghese hosts an in-depth chat about one of the many great books of today with Anna Katsavos, Ph.D. and Professor of Literature at S.U.N.Y., Nassau Community College.  Arrive early and indulge in a glass of Borghese wine, while mingling with other book lovers until the chat begins at 1PM. Reservations requested. $20 includes a glass of wine, cheese and crackers. Package special: all six sessions for $100.

Rock the boat!

This weekend brings us to the incredible Battle on the Bay, where offshore racing is at its best!  See the Miss Geico, local fave Strictly Business and others starting this Friday on Patchogue’s Main Street, and don’t miss the antique boat display when you are there.  Have dinner at my fave, Gallo Tropical; my honey’s fave, Bobbique, or one of the many other restaurants along Patchogue’s new Restaurant Row!

WordPress is acting twitchy, so I’ll call it a night!  Chat soon, you kooky cats!

And so it goes.  Miss Chris has been having a rough time of it as of late with the job situ, not being able to jump at the chance of being in her dream home because of the job situ, having to run here and there for charity events, a wedding (not mine), covering shifts for people, etc., etc.  I am tired.  I am worn out.  I need rest.

That being said…this will be a short post today as I am exhausted but plan on having my batteries fully recharged after this weekend and hopping back on the blogging horse.

Wine me…

Every Thursday this summer, Raphael Vineyard will remain open until 10PM and feature live music in the tasting room. Admission is FREE, pay by the glass.

Rock me gently

Two great events this Friday!  Joe Iadanza performs as part of the First Fridays series at The Heckscher Museum of Art in Huntington. from 7-8:30PM. Admission to the museum is FREE after 5PM on the first Friday of each month. And you can find me at the theatre table this Friday for Patchogue’s Alive After 5 festival, listening to the sounds of Jimmy Buffet as performed by the Ed Travers Band, and head down to the Blue Point Stage to catch my good buddy Jay in Secret Weapon (and have a beer for me!).

All for now…I’ll be back in a few days to post more great Cheap Dates (and make sure you check in, as the next three weeks have some GREAT things going on!).

Why is it when there is a great week coming up with a ton of things to do, I’m wiped out from all the things I tried to do the week before?  I NEED SLEEP……

Anyhow, there are so many things going on, I’m just going to jump right in:

Play me a song…


Buddy Merriam and Back Roads will be at the Mary Jane Davies Green in Manhasset. 7:30PM. FREE. Bring lawn chairs.

Open mic with Miles to Dayton’s Dave March, Once & For All, Patchogue at 8PM. Have a Palm while you’re there!


Gathering Time will be performing for the Brown Bag Concert series, 12:30PM, FREE. Bring lawn chairs.


Acoustic Long Island features Will Knox this week at Deepwells Mansion, 7:30PM, FREE.


Acoustic Thursdays hosted by Dave Drew and featuring Corrientes (they’re very good!) and more at Lefty’s Candlelight Bar, 8PM, no cover charge.

The Doc Marshalls will be performing as part of the Huntington Summer Arts Festival at the Chapin Rainbow Stage at Heckscher Park, Huntington, 8:30PM, bring lawn chairs.


Joe Iadanza performs for Pagan Place House Concerts in Huntington Station, call 631-420-4317 for reservations.

Princess Peapod performs as part of the “Happenings on Main Street” series in Northport, 7PM, FREE.


The Fourth Annual Huntington Folk Festival features a headline performance by Peter Rowan with the Rowan Brothers both backing and opening for him on the Chapin Rainbow Stage. The afternoon will feature instrumental workshops, an open jam and song swap, and acoustic music showcases. 3-11PM, bring lawn chairs.

See stars, hear music. Open mic hosted by singer-songwriter Liza Coppola at the Custer Institute, 7PM, FREE.

Of special note…The Blue Hit (out of Texas) will be here at Once and for All this Saturday night!  Don’t miss this very rare local appearance!

Of grape and grain

Don’t miss out!  Sign up by Thursday for Martha Clara’s Chip n Dipped Wine and Chocolate pairing…this Sunday 12-4, $10 per person.

Every Thursday this summer, Raphael Vineyards will remain open until 10PM and feature live music in the tasting room. FREE, pay by the glass.

Of creatures great and small

Come on out for a Sunset Walk 6-7:30PM at Blydenburgh County Park in Smithtown. Wind down with Cornell Cooperative Extension as they look for wildlife around Stump Pond. As sunset approaches, it’s a great time of day to look and listen for frogs, fish, birds, turtles and any other animals who have been hiding in the shade all day. Meet in the parking lot of the northern entrance to the park off of New Mill Road and dress for the weather. Program is FREE but pre-registration is required;  call (631) 897-3530.

Movie madness

Old Field Farm Summer Film Festival presents The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 7:30PM at Old Field Farm in Setauket, FREE. Bring a blanket or beach chair, picnic, flashlight and friends for a fun filled evening.

It’s been a while since I posted one of these on here, but make an effort to catch this week’s edition of “Anything But Silent” at the Cinema Arts Center, featuring Greta Garbo in “Flesh and the Devil” with organ accompaniment by MoMA’s Ben Model, $12 per person.

All for now you kooky cats!  Have something that should be here?  Email me at!

nablo09.90x33Ah, summer…we’ve finally had a few beautiful days and now they’re calling for rain again!  It’s fine with me as I’m working late every night this week, but let’s just hope that for all of you who are heading out that it rains somewhere other than where YOU are.

Living la vida loca

I was remiss in not letting you know about Alive After 5 last week…I thought I was going to have some down time to update the blog and add it in closer to Friday, but that just didn’t happen.  However, Patchogue’s Alive After 5 is back again this week, and if it’s anything like last week, it’s going to be packed!  Four stages, four bands, beer stations, cigar rollers, vendors, food…with no admission fee!  That’s right, it’s FREE to get in!  (18 and over only, please!) Do yourself a favor, though, and get there early.  I overheard quite a few people saying that it took them almost an hour to find parking once this event was in full swing.

Boogie woogie bugle boy…

Ever wanted to learn how to swing dance but the lessons were too expensive?  This Thursday at Harborfields Library you can take a FREE lesson from 7-8:30PM.  Reserve your spot now!

My heart skipped a beat

I went to one of these once and it was so cool!  Wednesdays, from 6:30-8PM, the East End Arts Council is hosting FREE community drum circles!  Borrow an instrument or bring your own, no experience necessary.  Contact the EEAC for location and directions.

Let the music play

As I’ve been doing lately, I’m just going to list my picks by day:


Acoustic Long Island at Deepwells Mansion features Jen Kearney and Will Cox. FREE.

Babylon’s BayFest costs just $5 to get in and will be hosting bands such as Beaucoup Blue and the Red River Ramblers.


Caroline Doctorow will be playing as part of the Westhampton Concerts on the Green series, FREE.


Miller’s Crossing will be at Happenings on Main Street in Northport. Don’t miss them, they’re outstanding!


Art in the Park, presented by the Northport Arts Coalition features art, music and poetry from 10AM-5PM. Local acoustic artists performing include Andrea Cetlin, Kenny Baum, Princess Peapod, Maria Fairchild, Denise Romas and Lora Kendall. Northport Village Park, FREE.

Wine me, dine me…

…get yer mind out of the gutter!  It’s kind of a quiet week as far as affordable wine, beer and spirits events go…on Saturday, visit Stephen Lang at the Ripe Art Gallery from 4-7PM for his show “Rides, Rust & Heels”. Borghese Vineyard will be sponsoring wine for this FREE event.

Take a hike, pal!

I just found a site with info about most of the trails on our Isle of Long…and I definitely plan on checking some of these out!  The best part is that this site also lists how to save money on admission fees for applicable parks.  It’s definitely worth a quick once (or twice) thru!

Want a hit?

Cheech and Chong are back with this week’s Summer Camp Cinema with a double feature of Up in Smoke and Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie. $12 gets you in.

All for now, you kooky cats!  I’ll be back in just a few days with more great Cheap Dates!  Have something that should be on here?  Let me know at!

nablo09_90x33An apology in advance–the link tool does not seem to be working today…sorry!

I’ve been trying to post my picks of the day, but life gets so hectic sometimes!  This leads to rushing through things and I decided today that I wasn’t just going to throw away all the junk mail I get, but to at least open it and look at it first, as I usually just pull out bills and letters and toss the rest.  Good thing I did!  One letter was advising me that I had money in a flex account (which will come in handy as I have hospital bills from April) which I forgot about, and a survey from Arbitron which had two brand spanking new dollar bills in it to thank me in advance for answering.  Lesson here…slow down and take the time to notice everything around you, even if it doesn’t seem worth it at first.  You might end up with a pleasant surprise!

When I hear music…

This week is jam packed with events!  I’m just going to list them by day to keep it organized.


“Music from the Hive” at Mirelle’s Restaurant, Westbury,  8PM.

Open mic with Dave March at Once & For All, Patchogue, 8PM.


Open mic at Cool Beanz,St. James, 8PM.


Acoustic Long Island features an hour-long open mic, followed by Julian Peterson, Deepwells Mansion, St. James, 8PM. FREE.

Gathering Time will be performing as part of the Picnic Supper Concerts series.  Harborside Park on the water, next to the Port Jefferson Village Center, 6:30-8PM. FREE. Bring blankets or chairs. 


Acoustic open mic, hosted by Joe Vicino at Toomey’s Tavern, Amityville. 8PM.

Acoustic Thursdays is hosted by Dave Drew, and featuring local performers Valerie Griggs, Simply Stated, Jaclyn Shaw and Otan Vargas at Lefty’s Candlelight Bar & Grill, Lindenhurst. 8PM.

Gathering Timewill be performing at Great Neck’s Bond Street Promenade. 5:30PM.  FREE.

Strings n’ Things Open Mic Night at the Mills Pond House, Smithtown. 8-10:30PM. Sign-up begins at 7:30 p.m. FREE.


Gathering Time will be at Eisenhower Park’s Harry Chapin Lakeside Theater, East Meadow. 7:30PM. FREE. Bring blankets or lawn chairs.

Miller’s Crossing, (one of my faves) will be at Grey Horse Tavern, , Bayport. 8:30PM.

Phil Minissale and friends play Once & For All, Patchogue. 9:30PM. This is Phil’s last scheduled LI club appearance before he heads off to the Republic of Georgia, where he will be the sole American artist performing in the Tibilisi Independent Music Festival.

The Vienna Teng Trio will be at Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center,  Westhampton Beach.  8:30PM. $15-$35.


Jen Chapin and John Flor perform in concert at the Huntington Summer Arts Festival at the Chapin Rainbow Stage at Heckscher Park, Huntington.  8:30PM. FREE.  Bring blankets or lawn chairs.

The Long Island Blues Festival will be going on along the Peconic River in downtown Riverhead Saturday and Sunday. Artists include Rosie Ledet & the Zydeco Playboys, former Long Island Little Toby Walker, David Jacobs-Strain, and Phil Minissale, plus such local artists as Ahmad Ali, Ken “The Rocket” Korb, Bruce MacDonald, and Bob Westcott & the Daydreamers. A two-day bracelet is $15; daily admission is $10; children ages 12 and under admitted FREE.

Larry Moser and Mary Nagin will be performing at the Walt Whitman Birthplace Museum, Melville.  12-4PM.

Wine me, dine me…

Raphael Vineyards now stays open late on Thursdays (til 10) with live music…FREE…just pay for your wine!

F and W Wine Sellers in Central Islip will be sampling the wines of Macari Vineyards this Friday…FREE…cheese and light refreshments will be served.

Martha Clara is hosting a 30 and over Singles Mingle this Friday…RSVP by July 15…$10 in advance, $15 at the door.  FREE music, pay for wine by the glass. 

All for now…I’ll be back tomorrow or the next day with more great things to do!  Chat soon, you kooky cats!